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UFC heavyweight title fight: Junior Dos Santos VS Alistair Overeem

Updated on March 11, 2012

Junior Dos Santos VS Alistair Overeem

Junior Dos Santos became the UFC heavyweight champion after he beat the former champion Cain Velasquez. Dos Santos defeated the former champion in under two minutes of the first round. Dos Santos easily defeated Velasquez and took Dos Santos to the ground after landing a huge right hand. Anybody who is a fan of Dos Santos knows that Santos is one of the best punchers in the UFC and maybe he is the best puncher in the UFC today.

Alistair Overeem became the number one contender for the UFC heavyweight title after he demolished Brock Lesnar. Overeem defeated Brock Lesnar in the first round and made it look very easy to do. Overeem delivered a vicious kick to Lesnar and sent Lesnar to the ground and finished Lesnar off. Overeem then became the number one contender for the title.

Junior Dos Santos VS Alistair Overeem is going to be the biggest fight of 2012. This fight is going to be a fight that no UFC fan is going to want to miss. Read on and find out who will most likely win the fight and walk out as the UFC heavyweight champion.

The UFC heavyweight title fight will most likely go two rounds but barely. The first round will most likely be filled with fast paced explosive action. Dos Santos will be throwing a lot of punches while Overeem will be throwing a few punches but a lot of kicks. The fight will most likely stay standing and will go back and forth for the entire first round. Dos Santos will most likely land quite a few brutal punches towards the end of the first round.

Once round two rolls around, Dos Santos will finish Overeem early on in the round. Overeem will probably fall to the mat in under one minute of the second round, and the fight will be stopped when Dos Santos finishes him off with a fury of punches.

Junior Dos Santos will retain the title. Defeating Overeem will not be easy for Dos Santos but Santos will get the job done.


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