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Ultimate Fighting Championship part II/ UFC 2

Updated on September 16, 2014

The Return of the Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC 2 was originally billed as, Ultimate Fighting Championship part II, and it followed up in the same mannger as The Ultimate Fighting Championship 1. There was one major difference. After UFC 1 it was discovered that fights that have no rounds, time limits or rules tend to end quickly. The longest fight in the first UFC was just over four minutes, so to make things more interesting for the live audience, this UFC was to be a sixteen man tournament, the first seven fights were not aired on pay-per-view but have been included in the new DVD release. In UFC 1 there were eight different martial arts styles represented. NFL star, Jim Brown was back but Cathy Long was replaced by Ben Perry, a more sophisticated and well spoken commentator who knows martial arts.

The overall feeling of UFC 2 was a slicker and more organized event, with the commentators having a better feel for how to approach their job.

Gracie vs Ichihara

Gracie vs. Ichihara

The first bout aired was between Minoki Ichihara and Royce Gracie. Minoki had seen UFC 1 and decided at that time that Gracie was an extremely dangerous man. With his Karate background and diceplin Minoki Ichihara desperately wanted to fight this dangerous man and put his skills to the test with the ultimate fighter of the world. The fight began and within seconds Royce had his opponent on his back. Ichihara was flailing, grabbing onto Royce gi. His actions were largely defensive as Royce repeatedly wore Ichihara out with blows to the sides. As Ichihara tried vainly to slide out from under Royce, he got nowhere. Royce kept his body in full contact with Ichihara at all times; the scene was reminiscent of having gum stuck to the bottom of ones shoe. Royce was stuck to Ichihara and there was no way Ichihara would scrape the dominant man off. Suddenly Royce saw an opening and went for the choke but then rotated into a dramatic arm lock. The fight lasted just over five minutes.

Johnny Rhodes vs David Levicki

Johnny was a kick boxing champion and Levicki was a Karate expert. Levicki began as the aggressor, throwing out two quick measuring kicks but when Rhodes blocked with his hands it was plain to see that Rhodes had superior speed and hand eye coordination. Levicki was awkward and telegraphing his kicks, and Rhodes had no trouble avoiding the flimsy Karate kicks and straight right hand. Rhodes landed a right cross that stunned his opponent and after a few seconds of waving Karate chop movements while the now aggressive kick boxer measured his foe and landed a wicked right hand that had the Karate expert reeling and staggering to avoid further punishment. At 36 seconds into the fight it was clear to see who would be the victor. Levicki looked like he was in the wrong place as Rhodes moved forward, Levicki retreated, they locked arms briefly and Levicki was then on his back.

Levicki lay on his left side with his left leg and arm in the air as a defense against the standing Johnny Rhodes. Rhodes quickly got hold of Levicki's arm and came in with a flurry of blows. All Levicki could do was wrap his hands around his head and hope that the referee would end the bout. Unfortunately for Levicki the Ultimate Fighting Championship was not like a boxing match and the referee did not step in until Rhodes had spun his opponent around and began kneeing him in the face. After the fighters broke apart the now bloodied Levicki was back to lying on his left side with his left leg and arm up once again. Rhodes mounted Levicki who had no way of defending himself on the ground.Levicki turned his back and because Rhodes struggled to choke Levicki who's game plan seemed to be to last as long as possible. Finally, the blood bath ended


Orlando Weil vs Remco Pardoel

Remco 6'2" 260 pounds and Orlando Weil. The commentators were openly stating that the giant Remco would be defeated by the skillfull Weil. Remco did indeed look lumbering and awkward while the smaller Orlando Weil looked speedy and sharp. But as the fight began and quickly went to the ground. Remco was able to make good use of his superior position as he pressed much of his weight on Weil and then began repeatedly striking him in the head with his elbow until Weil was out cold.

Gracie Wins Again

Royce Gracie vs Jason DeLucia

An exciting match between the now formidable UFC Champion,Royce Gracie and Jason DeLucia. The fighters traded blows and kicks before Gracie finally dropped to his own back in effort to lure DeLucia to the mat. When this did not happen, Royce wrapped his legs around his opponents arm; ending the fight in a most unusual position. This fight was to further add to the mystique and invincibility of Royce Gracie as he won with a dramatic arm lock.

Patrick Smith vs Johnny Rhodes

Smith was a favorite of Ultimate Fighting Championship 1, and one of the most charismatic and memorable fighters from the first UFC. His arrogance with statements of not minding the feeling of pain. The courteous and professional Shamrock shamed the loudmouth which irked the Dever Colorado audience. Now, with his impressive record of over 200 wins and having leared something from his loss to Shamrock Smith was back. Smith fought a different fight and went for a submission technique. Rhodes, used to boxing, buried his head on Smith's shoulder making it easy for a choke. Smith guilliontine lifiting Rhodes off of his feet.

In Smith's interview he stated that he had been studying submission holds.

Remco vs Gracie

Remco faced Gracie with uncertaintly while Gracie distracted Remco with his hands, then quickly seeing an opening he grabbed Remco bythe body and began trying to throw the huge, 260 pound man down. After using all of his weight combined with tripping Remco with his feet, Remco was down with Gracie wrapped around his back. Royce had a hold of Remco's gi and made an attempt to chock him out with his own gi but Remco wisely kept his chin tucked down. Gracie used all his effort to pull tightly until Remco tapped the mat.

Smith vs Gracie

Smith trying to knee Gracie in the groin and Gracie positioned his body to the side of the man, maing further kicks to his week area impossible. Smith was on his back and helpless. Royce was landing blow after blow at will to Smith's face. Smith looked to the referee in helplessness as he tried to tap the mat in between blocking his face, just as this happened, Smith's corner threw in the towel.


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    • GlendaGoodWitch profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from California

      Thank you Jon.

      I truly enjoyed the early UFC, and writing about it now. Royce definitely held on for a long time as DeLucia tapped repeatedly. I have not heard of any inside reason for this but can guess.

      When DeLucia began tapping, he was tapping Royce's Gi; it is possible that Gracie was unaware that DeLucia was tapping out. Also, the adrenalin rush that Royce was under- from all the family pressure, along with the knowledge that he would have to win several fights in one night; a major task for any fighter, especially one who would usually be at the disadvantage physically. Royce was probably so psyched out that he just did not know when to stop. Another variable could be that during Gracie's most dangerous fight of UFC 1; the fight against Shamrock, the ref. did not see Ken tap out. I think that always made Royce hold on a little longer; the fear that he may let go too soon and have to win all over again.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Just discovered this hub too... I hope you will do more of these recaps for the early UFCs and any other good fights you come across! You are an excellent writer and have a real knack for capturing the human element and psychology involved.

      That Gracie armlock on DeLucia lasted forever! It was clear that DeLucia could not stand it at all... but he was so helpless and frustrated. Is there a backstory to why Gracie applied that hold with such ferocity?

    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 

      3 years ago from California, United States of America

      I remember when this UFC came out back in the 90s. In fact, that was when you could rent it at the local video store; which I did; and somehow I ended up with a copy and loaned it out to friends who I was training with. I remember those early fights, no one knew what to expect and there were even fewer rules than there are now. It was pretty brutal. I like your descriptions of the matches, brought it all back for me.


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