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The Universal CMLL Running Diary

Updated on July 14, 2017

Ladies, gentlemen, former employers of Talking Smack, we are a mere ten minutes away (as I type) from one of the biggest CMLL Super Viernes episodes of the year! It's got it all; terrible hair matches, big time multi-man matches, a heroic patriot vs. an nationalistic foreigner angle and a main event match between two of the best luchadors alive. Dare I say this is bigger than Chuckie T winning the PWG Championship last week (what am I saying; nothing beats Chuckie T winning the big one!)? Whatever it is, I'm here to do a running diary and I'm so happy you could join me. So let's waste no time. Moses, have you gotten back from War of the Planet of the Apes yet or do I have to get the meme all by myself?

9:27: Promotion is done, the link to the column appears to be working (YES!) and all that's left now is for the stream to start. Watch this be one of the nights where it takes thirty minutes and I'm left typing out the lyrics for "Waiting for the Worms" again. Is it wrong that I kind of want to do that?

9:31: WE ARE LIVE!!!!! One of the announcers and two of the edecans are in the ring with the Universal Championship to hype up the show. Now we just need to survive five other matches first!

9:32: The intro is done so onto the first match we go. Used future Rey Samuray (Sensei, making his first Friday show appearance in what feels like eons), Star Jr. (!!!) and Astral are taking on Akuma, Metalico and Arkangel de la Muerte. I don't think anything will be worse that Pierroth-Vangellys tonight, but this could give it a run for it's money if Star Jr. is grounded.

9:37: Sadly, Arkangel de la Muerte didn't get lost on the way to the arena and is the rudo captain. Luckily Star Jr. is technico captain, so perhaps that means a lot from him here. Or maybe that Pepsi I had earlier was filled with optimism.

9:38: Akuma and Sensei start by going to the mat.

9:40: So that was uneventful. Thankfully Star Jr. and Metalico are in now, which means the pace should pick up...or it means they'll both just go to the mat. Great use of the high flying Star Jr. there CMLL!

9:41: Star Jr. and Metalico decide they need to go strike each other outside! Okay then. That ends that sequence and brings in Astral and Arkangel. Oh boy...

9:42: Once more (they open the door!), we're starting a sequence with mat work. I think we could've gone away with that after the first two pairings did that! Luckily Astral hits a headscissors so maybe we're moving away from it.

9:43: Astral with some sloppy clotheslines...and then he's tripped by Arkangel so we can go back to the mat. MY GRODD! This is...this is...THIS IS...

9:45: This is getting comically bad! The technicos went for a triple roll up, where everyone kicked out, the rudos then went for one where the timing was all off (and everyone kicked out), the technicos then did a triple fake out dive and now people are just breaking up submission/dive attempts. Lameness, lameness everywhere.

9:46: Star Jr. just got powerbombed by Metalico, and poor Sensei almost immediately receives the same fate. This leaves Astral all alone with Arkangel, who is unable to catch Astral after the rudos launch Astral over his head! Arkangel, to his credit, looks like he feels awful about it, and quickly allows Astral to roll him up for first fall victory as Star Jr. clears the ring. That was brutal.

9:49: Arkangel and Sensei start off and everyone just wants these dudes to go away. So do I. This has been a failure of Uwe Boll proportions.

9:50: Astral now in with Metalico and things are at least going a bit more smoothly. Very nice sequence between the two, with Astral running circles around the rudo and hitting him with some arm drags and headscissors. Unfortunately the crowd is already out on this match so it doesn't matter.

9:51: Star Jr. and Akuma are in and the pace continues to be quick. Star Jr. improvises nicely to get a head drag when Akuma is out of position and then gets WRECKED going for a springboard by an Akuma dropkick. The rudos are now in control and go right after Star Jr.

9:52: Star Jr. has escaped so Sensei can taste the pain. And boy does he taste it in the form of an Akuma splash off the top. That'll send him to the showers. Akrangel follows up with what might be the worst powerbomb I've ever seen on Astral, allowing Metalico to tap him with a leg lock. We're tied and the crowd is just booing like crazy. It's hysterical! I will say this fall was much better than the first though; goes to show what a fast pace will do!

9:55: Fall three begins with the rudos ganging up on Sensei. And by ganging up, I mean setting him up so Arkangel can kick him in the dick. Somewhere, Sangre Azteca is angry he didn't get that spot.

9:56: Nice double team by Metalico and Akuma, with the latter rolling up Star Jr. then rolling him onto Metalico for a snap AA. Why CMLL couldn't have given them another partner is beyond me.

9:57: The comeback is on! Star Jr. connects with a springboard dropkick on Arkangel, followed by Astral hitting a springboard crossbody on Akuma. Akuma goes to the floor, Star Jr. ducks as Astral dives and HOLY HELL! Akuma barely catches Astral and powerbombs him HARD on the floor! Great sequence.

9:58: And with that, all good will in this match ends. Metalico quickly disposes of Sensei, and then for reasons that only CMLL's dumbass bookers know, Arkangel is allowed to sloppily powerbomb Star Jr. off the top rope and drop and elbow for the rudo victory. The first fall sucked, the second fall was alright and the third fall was solid till that disgrace of an ending. Thank Grodd it's over.

10:01: The luchadoras are next. Vaquerita makes the return nobody asked for to team with Marcela and Silueta (!!!) against Amapola, Dalys and the Queen of Lucha Libre herself, Zeuxis. I can safely guarantee this will be better than the last match, if only because the only thing worse that the last match is about an hour away. Well that and Zeuxis is here, and she's never involved in catastrophes.

10:06: Dalys and Marcela are captains and it appears they're never ending feud is continuing here. Gotta have something to hold the people over before Princesa Sugehit returns next week.

10:07: Zeuxis and Marcela will start. INTERESTING! I would've thought the Queen and Silueta would've gotten time together.

10:08: Mostly back and forth mat work before Zeuxis WRECKS Marcela with a nice shotgun dropkick. Crowd is a million times more into this match than the last one as Marcela drops Zeuxis onto the knee. Zeuxis quickly recovers with a huge big boot in the corner! KILL HER QUEEN!

10:09: Marcela drops the knees on Zeuxis from the second rope, then forces Zeuxis to roll out to end a really good sequence. Dalys is in, and it's more back and forth between the old rivals, culminating in Marcela hitting a double arm backbreaker and a springboard knee attack. She misses the second though and Dalys hits a nice dropkick that sends Marcela to the floor!

10:10: Silueta in. Dalys sends her to the ramp, but Silueta comes back in with an arm drag and hits a super kick. Another kick to the thigh. She whips Dalys into the corner, Dalys reverses and WHAT A CODEBREAKER OFF THE TOP BY SILUETA!

10:11: Amapola now in. She goes back and forth with Silueta till Silueta gets caught in the corner and SLAMMED onto the back of her head. Vaquerita is now in and I think we know where this is going.

10:13: Vaquerita with a hurricanrana and an arm drag. She then hits a shotgun dropkick of her own, gets whipped into the corner and avoids an Amapola spear. Zeuxis is now back in! They work a beautiful move where Vaquerita gets an arm drag after almost being Wheelbarrow Slammed and the technica follows up with a hurricanrana. She sends Zeuxis into the corner and hits a shotgun dropkick before going up and...SLAP BY ZEUXIS! The Queen is up top AND THAT IS A TOP ROPE SPANISH FLY! GOOD NIGHT VAQUERITA!

10:14: As the Queen celebrates, Marcela comes off the top with a great hurricanrana on Dalys. The two go full speed before Marcela gets caught in the ropes and gets dropkicked as hard as possible by Dalys. Silueta tries to make the save, but Amapola is there and nails the Angel Wings to give the rudas a first fall victory. That was VERY good. So good I may need to throw water on myself.

10:17: Rudas in control to start fall two. Dalys hits her weakest dropkick yet in the corner on Marcela, while Silueta runs in to help, only to get ganged up on herself.

10:18: Dalys now hitting her corner knee attack. I haven't seen Zeuxis do it yet sadly. This wake the technicas up and the come back is on, with Vaquerita hitting a nice shotgun dropkick from the top. Zexuis and Amapola are sent outside, leaving Marcela all alone with Dalys, which leads to Marcela literally double stomping Dalys hard off the top. OUCH did that look painful. We're tied and that wasn't as exciting as fall one, though it could be because it took me five minutes to find a meme. DAMMIT MEMES!

10:21: Dalys and Marcela will start fall three with slaps. Marcela eventually grounds Dalys in the corner, then is sent over the ropes by Dalys so she can go up top and hit a shotgun dropkick. Near fall. Marcela quickly is on top of Dalys though and sends her in the corner, where the ruda quickly strikes back with another nice dropkick. Silueta is in to break up that fall.

10:22: Silueta with a roll up for a near fall. Dalys quickly recovers and picks her up for a reverse scoop slam. That's another near fall! Dalys charges the corner, misses and gets caught with a backcracker while hung up in the ropes! Amapola breaks up the pin and it appears we've reached "break up the falls territory."

10:23: Silueta gets another near fall on a roll up, then walks right into a sitout double chokeslam! Vaquerita saves her, gets Amapola in a submission AND THEN GETS KICKED THE FUCK IN THE HEAD BY THE QUEEN! The technica briefly recovers for a roll up, but Zeuxis kicks out and then hits a sitout Pumphandle Powerbomb that Marcela has to break up. Marcela then hits a rib breaker out of the torture rack position, gets a near fall, then gets tripped by Dalys running the ropes so Zexuis can dropkick her right in the face.

10:25: This match is getting too fast for me! The technicas tried to get Dalys with a running dropkick while Marcela held her in a Camel Clutch, but Amapola and Zeuxis tripped them up and sent them to the floor. This allowed Dalys to recover, get Marcela in the Sharpshooter and bring this one home for the rudas. A significantly better match than the opener, and one that might've been even better if they had come up for air in the third fall. A little too fast at times, and I do think Zeuxis could've been featured more. That aside, it was a fun match, well worked and the first fall in particular was very good.

10:30: The Lucha Community is turning on this show quicker than New Japan fans turning on Jim Ross. This next match needs to turn the tide, and luckily it's Soberano Jr., Diamante Azul and Blue Panther (who gets a huge pop) to take on Dragon Rojo Jr., Negro Casas and Sam Adonis. The heat could be unreal here.

10:32: Man, Casas got a huge pop too! Lot's of old school lucha fans here. This just makes me even more excited to here the reaction Sam will get when he comes out.


10:34: They seem to be cutting to the CMLL commissioner on the floor for some reason. Is Sam doing something illegal with the mask? Or...holy fuck, is he actually wearing Art Barr's mask and trying to pass as Love Machine?!

10:35: The rudos isolate Blue Panther in the ring, with Sam chopping him as the crowd boos. My Grodd, they're going to go nuts when Panther fights back. He's trying and failing right now, and it fortunately works in his favor as Tirantes DQ's the rudos for stomping on Panther too much. 1-0 technicos and that's frankly a little disappointing; doesn't leave a lot of time for them to have a good one here, even if the angle is hot.

10:37: Fall two is about to begin and the commissioner is out to tell Sam to take his mask off. Sam argues with him, allowing Panther to attack him and attempt an unmasking...and he gets the mask! The mask is off, the commissioner is happy and we can now move along with this match.

10:38: Sam with several Yakuza Kicks as the rudos hold Panther back, but he gets away, sends Sam to the floor and then clotheslines him into the seats! In the ring, Diamate tosses Soberano in for a flying body attack, but the rudos recover quickly with Casas getting Soberano in the Sharpshooter and Rojo nailing a Double Stomp on Diamante. We're tied and who cares; Panther and Adonis are fighting in the crowd and Panther is throwing drinks!

10:40: Sam is waving the Trump flag to HUGE heat as fall three begins. And it'll begin gloriously with Soberano going at it with Negro Casas!

10:41: The duo do their best Dragon Lee-Casas style back and forth before Casas knocks Soberano down with a shoulder block. Soberano kicks up and Casas puts him back down. Casas goes to work with kicks, but Soberano recovers, hurricanrana's Casas to the floor, THEN DOES AN AWESOME HURRICANRANA INTO THE RING ON ROJO! Grodd bless you Soberano.

10:43: Diamante now in with Casas. Diamante drags Casas around the ring in a headlock before Casas reverses and gets tossed into the ropes. Casas tries to chop the tree but can't, and eventually runs into a Diamante clothesline. Diamante then picks up Casas with one arm (!!!), but Casas slips out...only to run into another clothesline. Poor Casas.

10:44: Rojo is in to trade shots with Diamante. It doesn't work as Diamante comes off the ropes with a flying clothesline. This is enough for him, and it's Panther-Sam time!!! The crowd goes nuclear as they lock up.

10:45: Sam has Panther cornered and eventually works it into a running elbow. A running senton misses the mark though, and Panther drops the head on the groin. Sam recovers with a Yakuza kick and then hits a splash onto the floor.

10:46: MOTHER OF FUCK; DIAMANTE AZUL JUST MONKEY FLIPPED SOBERANO TO THE FLOOR FOR A DIVE! Diamante follows up with a crossbody off the top, then catches a Casas Senton and drops him for a big boot. In the ring, Blue Panther catches Sam on the top and nails a top rope arm drag for a near fall. Shit is heating up!

10:47: Panther puts the fear of life into Tirantes, which gives Adonis enough time to recover. It's a short advantage though as Panther gets an arm bar...except Sam is in the ropes. Panther thinks he's won so he argues with Tirantes, which leads to Sam getting the advantage and hitting a Nail in the Coffin for the win while holding the ropes. HUGE heat for this finish; even Casas looks disgusted. Good match that deserved more time than it got...and wait a minute, Casas is talking with the commissioner. Is something going to happen here?

10:49: BLUE PANTHER HAS A MICROPHONE! I have no idea what he's saying, but I get the feeling it's leading to a hair vs. hair challenge and that is exactly what the people want and need! YES; HE HAS MADE THE CHALLENGE!

10:51: Diamante got a hold of Sam's flag and threw it into the stands...AND SAM THEN WENT TO GET IT! What a pro. Panther is still on the mic making challenges and chanting Mexico as the crowd goes APE SHIT. EVEN CASAS IS TRYING TO GET SAM TO ACCEPT!

10:52: Now Diamante is trying to make the match happen. I think everyone but Sam wants it! Sam wisely doesn't answer and escapes to the back, while Panther, Diamante and Soberano head back to the ring to celebrate. What a fantastic post match segment; may be the best thing on this show.

10:54: And with that, we go straight to hell. Vangellys vs. Pierroth, hair vs. hair, is next.

10:59: After a recap video, Vangellys finally comes out with some M. Bison esq dancers. Doesn't appear he had a second. Pierroth is now out in a suit; no sign of Rush, Fake Sombra or anyone else other than Violencia and Pierrothito rolling out the red carpet. It's dumb pageantry, but at least CMLL is trying.

11:01: Vangellys charges the stage and we're off. He takes out both Pierrothito AND Violencia then starts wailing on Pierroth with the Ingobernables flag! We head back to the ring and Vangellys is all over Pierroth with clotheslines and chin locks. It's not the worst thing I've ever seen so far!

11:02: Vangellys tries pulling of Pierroth's shirt, then just decides to suplex him twice. Will he go for a third? He will...except this time it's a Fisherman Suplex and it puts Pierroth away for a quick fall one victory. All Vangellys there and thatmay have been why it didn't suck; Vangellys was actively trying and hit all his moves well. Sadly I don't see the match following the same pattern the rest of the way.

11:04: Fall two begins with Vangellys taking the fight to Pierroth on the floor. He rolls the old man into the ring, whips him against the ropes, hits an elbow, then hits a big boot and a clothesline when Pierroth tries to rise. I guess that's enough to make Vangellys think he's got it, so he goes for the pin and gets a near fall.

11:05: Pierroth finally showing life as the two exchange weak strikes. Vangellys hits the ropes and Pierroth hits a pair of shotgun dropkicks, leaving Vangellys prone for a second rope senton. Just like that it's 1-1. A non offensive but boring second fall. Things seem to be going fast, which means we're about to suffer through a long, devastatingly boring third fall for sure.

11:07: This fall is taking awhile to begin...and there it goes. Crowd is loud, but doesn't seem to be into either guy. We start fall three with the two brawling int eh crowd near the announcer's table, which Vangellys climbs up so he can drop a Bionic Elbow on Pierroth. I never expected that spot!

11:08: We're back in the ring for weak strike exchanges. Pierroth hits the ropes and walks right into the Vangellys spin kick. Near fall. Both guys taking awhile to get up; LOL at them being winded after working eight minutes at most.

11:08: Pierroth misses a running senton, then Vangellys misses a dropkick. The two then run into each other for a double clothesline and the crowd is turning on this hard.

11:10: Pierroth grounds Vangellys in the corner and starts to stomp on him. I figured this was a set up for Rush's dropkick, but instead Pierroth sends Vangellys into the other corner for a clothesline. It appears he's going for one again, but Vangellys puts the breaks on and hits a spear for a near fall. Vangellys is now going up (WHAT?!) and.........misses a senton. Who hasn't, right? Pierroth goes for a pin and Vangellys almost kicks out too late! The match goes on.

11:11: Pierroth pulls out a really nice Cuerno Driver! Holy fuck. And that's it; Pierroth just beat Vangellys clean with a Cuerno Driver. Not in a million years would I have seen that finish coming. Rush is out to celebrate with his dad and I'm just happy this match didn't go fifteen minutes. All things considered, this wasn't a travesty at all. It wasn't good at all and I never need to see it again, but it wasn't the worst thing I saw tonight. So congrats to these two I guess.

11:18: Onto the next match, which looks far more promising. The All Star team of Dragon Lee, Mistico and Caristico will take on the Mexican National Trios Champions Mephisto, Luciferno and Ephesto in a non title match. I wouldn't be stunned at all if it sets up a title match for next week, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that either.

11:23: Mephisto and Mistico are captains. And hey, Mistico isn't booed!

11:25: Looks to be Caristico and Mephisto starting off. They go to the mat, do some stuff and stalemate.

11:26: They didn't stalemate the second time! Caristico headscissors Mephisto out of the ring, prompting Luciferno to come in. Mistico is quickly sending him to the floor, leading to Ephesto coming in to shoulder block the technico. Dragon Lee is in, he goes fast, he slides out and falls right into the Ephesto trap, as the rudo hits a suicide dive that sends Dragon Lee into the crowd!

11:27: In the ring, Caristico launches Mistico onto the top rope with Mephisto, who recovers quick and hits a top rope Devil's Wing while Mistico gets caught in a Luciferno Clash. Just like that it's 1-0 rudos as the crowd boos. Quick but good start to the match. Loved Dragon Lee's sell of Ephesto's dive.

11:29: Fall two has arrived. The rudos wait till Dragon Lee rolls in before going to work, and they waste no time giving Lee a swift kick in the ass. They then follow it up with Mephisto dropkicking Lee through the ropes and to the floor. Poor Lee is taking a beating!

11:30: Caristico is now in to take the beating. Each rudo gets a clothesline in the corner, followed by Luciferno turning into Sangre Azteca when he hits the ropes to give Caristico a kick in the ass/nuts while his teammates hold the technico up.

11:31: Great teamwork there by the rudos, with Mephisto and Luciferno helping Ephesto to hit a splash. Lee is back in, the crowd is trying to will him on and it's not working! The rudos send him into the corner and the triple team rolls on.

11:32: Lee sent into the ropes...and HE DODGES AND HITS A KNEE! Mistico and Caristico come in with springboard hurricanrana's, and the next thing you know Mistico is hitting a tope con hilo and Caristico gets great air with a springboard crossbody! Meanwhile, Lee catches Mephisto in the ring with a nice standing Spanish Fly and we are tied! Decent fall with a great end once the technicos got on offense. They need to turn it up a bit to make this a memorable last fall though.

11:34: MOTHER OF PUSS BUCKET, FALL THREE BEGINS WITH A TRIPLE STAGE DIVE! Alright technically a double stage dive as Mistico jumped off the stage, but still! Awesomeness everywhere.

11:35: We're back in the ring with Luciferno and Dragon Lee playing to the crowd. Crowd is clearly with Lee. They finally go at it and it's clear they've got the same chemistry tonight they had a few weeks ago. Lee eventually finds himself on the apron, then flies in with a great shotgun dropkick.

11:36: Ephesto sends Dragon Lee out so Caristico comes in. He electrifies for a moment, then allows Mistico to come in and do the same. He sends Mephisto to the floor, gets sent to the apron by Ephesto and we now reset to Ephesto and Caristico.

11:37: Caristico sends Ephesto to the floor with a hurricanrana, then sends Luciferno to the floor with an arm drag. All three rudos are on the floor, so it's time for AN AWESOME TRIPLE DIVE SEQUENCE! Mistico hits a moonsault, Lee a suicide dive and Caristico a tope con hilo!

11:38: Luciferno and Lee are in again. Lee hits huge knees, then runs into what I think was a nice clothesline by Luciferno. He gets a near fall. Luciferno goes up for a moonsault, gets tripped by Lee and gets double stomped! NOT THIS SOON! Luckily Ephesto breaks up the pin, so the match goes on. The rudo then hits the shoulder breaker on Lee, so Caristico is in to break up the fall.

11:39: Oooph; Caristico and Luciferno couldn't time that Sling Blade well. First bad spot of the match. Mephisto is in to get things back on track, lifts Caristico up and punts the shit out of him. Mistico saves the day with a springboard leg drop to break up the pin and get a near fall of his own.

11:40: Big Mistico hurricanrana as Mephisto is caught in the ropes! Luciferno and Ephesto break up the pin and send Mistico to the stage. They then triple team Lee, with Mephisto standing on top of him...and CARISTICO NAILS A HURRICANRANA!


11:42: The rudos looked like they'd be counted out, but Mistico sent Ephesto back in to brawl with Lee. Ephesto gets the advantage, goes up top and gets kicked by Mistico and Caristico. Uh oh; TOWER OF DOOM IN COMING! The rudos connects and Dragon Lee hits a splash. The technicos kick out...but Ephesto didn't! The technicos have the edge, till Luciferno destroys Lee with an awesome Canadian Destroyer! It's sudden death!

11:43: SPRNGBOARD SHOOTING STAR TO THE FLOOR BY MISTICO! That leaves Caristico all alone with Luciferno and it takes all of a minute for Caristico to get La Mistica on. The good guys win a phenomenal match! Wow; other than a botch on a sling blade attempt by Caristico, this match was humming on all cylinders. The rudos acquitted themselves well (Luciferno in particular was excellent) and all three technicos shined. Great match; the best trios match in Arena Mexico I've seen this year.

11:49: A lot of stalling going on; main event should be any minute. For those who have forgotten, it's the Universal Championship match between Volador Jr. and Ultimo Guerrero. Could be good!

11:54: Another hype package, another dance thing...and finally here's Volador! about time. He looks like he's cosplaying as Astral for some reason. Oh, and SOBERANO JR. IS THE SECOND!

11:55: Looks like Luciferno is UG's second. Unfortunately the poor bastard is announced as Ephesto. Just can't win tonight, can you Luci?

11:57: And here...we...GO! Crowd is going BEZERK for this one at the start and seems split.

11:58: They lock up. UG makes is way behind Volador, then works in a headlock. UG gets a roll up for a one count, then Volador works his way for a one count of his own. A stalemate as both guys get back to their feet.

11:59: Great chain wrestling by UG to take Volador down again. They trade arm twists and stalemate again. Some circling, some circling...and UG takes Volador down by the legs and locks in a leg lock. Volador rolls out for a choke, looks to have UG in a Camel Clutch position, but UG crawls away with Volador on his back!

12:00: UG gets Volador in the Romero Special! It's too close to the ropes though so Volador is safe for the moment. Both men are up, Volador sends UG to the floor with the hurricanrana, Volador goes for a tope con hilo and OH MY GRODD UG CAUGHT HIM! THAT SPOT NEVER GETS OLD! UG powerbombs Volador as the crowd boos.

12:01: We're back in. UG sends Volador to the ropes, slams him down and gets Pulpo Guerrero in. Volador taps and it's 1-0 UG! Great first fall; mat work was great and I loved them picking up the pace early and UG hitting the powerbomb.

12:02: Just realized that Luciferno was once Hooligan, who when he was Hooligan got his start teaming...with Ultimo Guerrero. I see you standing up for your old friends UG!

12:03: Fall three begins with UG slamming Volador down the shotgun dropkicking him into the ropes. He picks Volador up quick, sends him to the corner...and is sent to the floor. UH OH! Volador comes off the ropes with a beautifully executed hurricanrana to the floor.

12:04: Volador with a crossbody back in the ring. He hits the super kick, but UG turns around before he can hit the backcracker, so Volador hits the ropes. He goes for the Code Red...but UG overpowers him and looks like he's going to go full Trent Beretta! Volador's will is too much though, and he manages to nail a Code Red on pure will to take fall two. Great ending. This match is hot fire.

12:06: Time for fall three.

12:08: They start back and forth before Volador arm drags UG to the floor. The technico hits the ropes and this time wisely goes for and connects with a suicide dive. No wthat's learning from your mistakes.

12:09: Back in the ring, UG makes a comeback and gets Volador in a Vertebreaker Submission. Volador tries to fight out of it, but UG drops him right behind prone position for a roll up! Voaldor gets a near fall. Both men are up quick, but Volador is quickly left prone on the apron, where UG connects with a running dropkick.


12:11: Takes awhile for both men to get up. UG is in the ring first and charges Volador, who counters with a kick. Volador hits the ropes, tries a springboard elbow...AND GETS CAUGHT BY UG WHO TURNS IT INTO A GERMAN SUPLEX! Nice stuff for a near fall. Volador sends UG into the corner and UG goes up top, looking for the powerbomb, Volador sends him off quick though and they struggle for a few seconds before is sent to the floor. Volador goes up top, but UG recovers, heads up top and NAILS A BEAUTIFUL SUPERPLEX! Near fall.

12:13: Volador puts UG back up top. MISTAKE! UG quickly reverses it and it's a top rope Gordbuster! We're in range of the checklist! Volador just barely kicks out. I see him getting powerbombed very shortly!

12:14: Volador up quick, hits a super kick and this time is able to get the backcracker! Tirantes with a slow count allows UG to kick out. No one came to see you Tirantes; get over yourself! Volador sets UG up again up top, goes for a Rana...AND THERE'S THE POWEROMB! AND MY GRODD WHAT A NEAR FALL! Volador just kicked out at the last second, irritating the rudo Tirantes.

12:15: Soberano is DYING outside the ring. UG is sent into the corner, goes up again, but is this time caught with a kick by Volador. Volador tries the hurricanrana again, looks like he's going to get caught and then hits! Predictable but fun. Tirantes slow counts again and it's only two. Was Edgar not available or something?

12:16: Both men are up...AND VOLADOR IS DOWN AFTER UG FLIPS HIM HARD TO THE FLOOR! UG then sends him over the barricade and HERE COMES THE BARRICADE DIVE!

12:17: Soberano gives some words of encouragement to Volador in the crowd as the technico takes a drink of water. Volador gets back in and is immediately whipped into the corner by UG for a hard clothesline. Volador comes right back with a superkick though and both dudes are down.

12:19: ULTIMO GUERRERO JUST HIT A GORRAM RAINMAKER! HOLY FUCK! AND VOLADOR KICKED OUT! UG remains in control though and goes up top. Volador hits a kick, goes up top himself...SUPER RANA! Is this it....NO! Another slow count gives UG another reprieve.



12:22: UG has used everything but Luciferno! He slams Volador down and is going up top...but VOLADOR IS UP TO MEET HIM! AND IT'S A SPANISH FLY! ONE! TWO! THREE! VOLADOR WINS! VOLADOR WINS!

12:23: My Grodd, what a match. I expected it to be great, if not predictable in the same way matches between these two generally are, but they turned it up and then some. UG incorporated more moves into his game, Volador did more with less (UG had just as many dives in this match as Volador for crying out loud) and the drama was off the charts, even with Tirantes turning into a complete joke of a ref as it went along. Clearly CMLL made the wise decision going with this match as the headliner over Pierroth vs. Vangellys and, while your mileage may vary, I'd say this was the best UG-Volador match ever and a match right in contention with Cavernario vs. Volador for CMLL Match of the Year. An amazing spectacle, an amazing match and hopefully the last one Volador and UG have for the next year! Also hopefully the last time CMLL puts two back to back great matches together for the fan's sake. They threw money in after both the semi-main and the main event. That's a lot of cash you're parting ways with peeps!

And with that, the show is over and I'm off to dreamland. Hope it was as fun for you as it was for me sports fans; I'll be seeing you soon. Till whenever that is, THIS!

Please change disks to continue...


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