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Used Golf Carts - Transportation Around Town

Updated on July 5, 2010

Used Golf Carts to Tool Around Town

The economy and growing lack or resources has people thinking about better ways to get around town.  More and more people are turning to used golf carts to get them where they want to go.  Whether it is electric or gas, a used golf cart is the way to get where you want in a relatively fast and economical way. 

The cost of a used golf cart can be quite nominal.  Most used carts that are anywhere from 2 years to 10 years old will run about $2500 to $5000.  The maintainance cost is usually minimal.

There are many communities that now allow you to use golf carts on the city streets.  Of course you need to check your local laws to see what is legal and what are the requirements of a golf carts to be used on public roads.

Golf Carts Used in the Community

Communities Welcome Golf Carts

Communities across the country are welcoming golf carts to be used on their path. Used Golf Carts used in communities is done by all ages. Golf carts are not just used on the golf courses any more. They are also not relegated to the retirement communities either.

Peachtree City, GA is a suburb of Atlanta. Teens use golf carts to drive back and forth to school as well as the movie theater and the mall. If you go by the local high school when in session, you will find about half the parking lot filled with golf carts.

The community has about 100 miles of paved paths that are dedicated to golf carts. Residents need to follow the rules of the road. The drivers need to be at least 16 years of age unless they are 15 and have a licensed driver as a passenger.

The only downside is that there are some law-breakers. Carts get stolen for joy-rides. The vast majority of the time, the carts are recovered quite quickly given the limited range a golf cart can travel. However, there are more serious issues like speeders as well drivers that are under the influence of alcohol.

Golf carts give people some freedom. They get to ride with the air in their face as well as getting some freedom from high as prices.  To get an idea of prices, you can check out one of several different Used golf course guides.

The Village - Golf Cart Community


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