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WWE TLC 2013 Predictions.

Updated on December 15, 2013

Dolph Ziggler vs Fandango.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
It seems like just yesterday, Dolph Ziggler was the World Heavyweight Champion, Feuding with WWE Champions, and Mr. Money in the Bank.
And now? Can you get any lower than an un-televised fight with Fandango before the last PPV of the year?
It's almost better to just not fight at all.
Unless the creative team just wants to execute Dolph Ziggler's career, he should win this fight pretty easily.

Winner- The Showoff.

Still better than most selfies.
Still better than most selfies.

Diva's Championship: AJ Lee vs Natalya.

The Diva's Division has been a joke recently.
That's not a knock on AJ Lee. If anything, she's been the bright spot in a division that has turned into a running advertisement for "Total Diva's".
I mean seriously, it's cool that they've managed to branch off and add something for women to sink their teeth into, but selling the show has become a priority over the integrity of the actual fights.
What's the point of having the "contender" system if the writing team completely overlooks it all the time?
Just a few weeks ago, Natalya was with The Great Khali and Hornswaggle and now she's in the Championship match?
It's such a joke, it might as well be a Slammy Award.

Winner- Hitman's Niece.

Tag Team Championship: Fatal Fourway.

The Rhodes Brothers, The Real Americans, Rybaxel (What a ridiculous name), and the disproportionate team of Rey Mysterio and the Big Show all climb into a ring with their eyes on one prize, the Tag Team Championship.
My biggest problem with this fight?
Where are the Uso's???
It seems like every other Tag Team in the WWE Universe is getting a shot, including one that doesn't even make sense (Seriously. Big Show and Rey Mysterio?), but how is it that one of the best teams will be watching the action in the locker room?
I don't know.
I can essentially eliminate Rybaxel and Big Mysterio... Rey Show? 619 Knockout? I don't know. Anyway, those two are new teams with little to no momentum, and neither team features John Cena, so they won't be handed a title just because it's a day ending in Y.
IMO, it would be a huge waste of a great heel if Rybaxel weren't involved in some feud with Paul Heyman in the near future. Heyman is the only thing that they have in common, and neither of them are talented enough on the microphone to carry a segment.
So it comes down to the Rhodes Bros and the Real Americans.
Look, at some point, a Heel is going to have to take the title away from the Rhodes Bros so that they can lose it to the Usos without any awkward face versus face action, but I just don't see this being the time.
While talented, the Real Americans are somewhat of a joke.
I feel like Zeb Coulter takes away from the ability of the two fighters and reduces them to a punchline. I realize that's the point, but... I can't look at those two and see something the Creative Team would find more interesting than the current champs.

Winners- Cody and Goldy.

Daniel Bryan vs The Wyatt Family.

After several match-ups the WWE keeps trying to sell us, we finally get to the nitty gritty. The feuds and matches we want to see.
This is one that I can't quite figure out.
See, my first instinct is to say that Daniel Bryan comes out and kicks ass at first, but then eventually falls to the cast of Duck Dyn- the Wyatts, and joins their family. You can do a lot with Daniel Bryan as a heel, and there are dozens of things you can do with him as a Wyatt.
However... Daniel Bryan is one of, if not THE most popular faces in the WWE today. Washington State or no, last week's Slammy Awards were entirely about the Beard.
It's confusing. Do you make one of the most beloved character turn heel and explore all of the story-lines or continue to ride his momentum into another championship chase?
Either way, I can't see Daniel Bryan winning this match.
Whether he joins or not? i'm just as curious as you guys are.

Winner- Uncle Si and the Boys.

CM Punk vs The Shield.

This is one of the most highly anticipated matches on the marquee tonight.
Significantly less complicated than the previous one, I think we all know where this one is going.
On the surface, it doesn't look like CM Punk has a chance. Three very talented wrestlers, including Roman Reigns, a young wrestler who looks like he could be the next big thing, versus one guy? No way! That's just math.

However, the obvious plot twist here is that the Shield is falling apart. Dean Ambrose has grown arrogant and there has been dissension in the group.
I think Reigns and Rollins abandon Ambrose in the ring and Punk puts him to sleep.
It makes no sense for the Shield to win, all it would do is kill Punk's momentum, and unless the WWE is content letting him walk out on his contract (again), they're lining him up with a Championship run.

Winner- The Best in the World.

The Intercontinental Championship: Big E Langston vs Damien Sandow.

This one is boring. The WWE insists on keeping Damien Sandow in title matches, whether it's the WWE, World Heavyweight, or Intercontinental belt, they just keep throwing him in these things knowing damn well that he's not going to win.

They really like Big E Langston, and I can see why, he's an entertaining character and good god is he built.

It's way too soon for him to lose this belt, he hasn't picked up the star power yet.

Winner- Biggie Smalls.

Unification Title Match: John Cena vs Randy Orton.

I'm really fond of this idea.
The World Heavyweight Championship just didn't hold the "weight" that it once did, and became something of a consolidation prize. By cutting the fat and only having one real championship, it makes all of the other titles more significant. The United States and Intercontinental Title become stepping stones for young stars, and really separate the boys from the men.
I love it.

However, the involvement of John Cena makes it obvious.
The WWE Network is coming, and they're debuting a new championship belt? Who better to represent the company than their golden child.
I'm talking about Triple H.
No, I mean John Cena.
Well... Maybe...

Okay. Maybe there's some controversy here.
Triple H is a heel.
John Cena is not.
And despite the WWE Universe begging for it forever, they will never let the face of the company become a bad guy.
So how can he be allied with Triple H? The biggest sell-out in the biz?
Well.... They aren't.

I can see Tripe H screwing over John Cena like he screwed over Daniel Bryan just a few short months ago. I would normally say that the creative team wouldn't screw Cena over, because "good always prevails", blah blah blah, but apparently, he's in some hot water after he went off book with his Daniel Bryan segment on Monday Night's Raw.

That being said, I'm only picking the winners, so...

Winner- Marky Mark. I mean, Slim Shady. I mean, Failed Body Builder... John Felix Anthony Cena.


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