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Walking Is Good for You!

Updated on June 11, 2019

I feel my feet are not part of me, nor my legs, my ankles unscrewed. I am into my second week of walking. After doing it on a regular basis, I now make longer strikes, my back no longer hurts, and I don't need to sit down every couple of hundred of meters.

I am finding it gets better with every walk which lasts for about an hour that actually flies by, you feel more confident, relaxed, wanting to go forward, and not stopping. Towards the end of the 1st week, I started to follow long trails and roads—here there is no traffic except for the odd vehicle here and there.

I have to say it again, my strides became more confident, with arms and hands stretching outwards, and feet thudding forward as they touch the ground and move, no stopping this time. Thank God there is no pain in the back or pelvis just moving.

Mind you when I am walking I like to take my time, I like to walk on my own because the others like to walk quicker than my pace, however, I am starting to learn I can keep up with them, at least for a good while, but certainly not for an hour, nor even for 10 minutes.

No, I like to walk on my own. I find that I can walk fast, not as fast as them, but fast according to my own standards, and then just relax, walk slowly, especially when going uphill, reach the top, and begin a curved downhill.

The adrenalin starts pumping as I go down, I actually fell better as I inhale the fresh oxygen. There is a new surge of pumping energy, it feels so good despite the fact that I now begin to feel my trainers somehow swell up in activity.

People pass by, some with shorts, with jeans, with T Shirts, some like me loners, some in twos and some in threes, walking and watching the world go by.

At the end of the trail, I would turn around and go back uphill again. Not bad really because it is not too steep, but I catch my breath here and there, the breathing not violent, but more at a momentum with the strides. Now if I was running, the breathing would be heavier.

I enter the second round, and to me it's the final leg of walking through the long pine trees that cover the sky, with the odd rays of bright sunshine flickering through the ground. Suddenly my cell phone rings. My niece telling me they are making their way back to the car park.

I start walking, mustering all the effort I have and move rapidly, that is as rapidly as my legs will allow, and even beyond. I start breathing heavily, somewhat noisily, This road, is even fuller now, people and their daily habits.

I walk, walk, and walk. Gosh, this is long I think, it's never going to end. I turn down the short side walk and into the park. But the car is placed right at the end. It's a huge car park. It even looks bigger this morning, and I continue moving with one foot and the other. I reach there in total fatigue and just drop on the car seat!


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