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Walking is my "ME" time

Updated on July 30, 2010

Most women think of a spa day for me time, not me

Sometime this spring I became an addict. A serious one. I find that if I don't get my "fix", I am miserable, depressed, achy and irritable. I have no energy and I snap at everyone who talks to me. I can't focus, I get nothing done in my house or in my life. These are the days when I miss my walk. Yes, I said walk. I did not say medication, I did not say coffee, I did not say the gym, my shrink or a spa visit. A simple walk is all I need to get me going, to keep me motivated, to make me happy for awhile.

I started out simple. My children were at soccer practice. I became anti social and instead of chatting with all the moms, I started to walk the track. I bought myself an Ipod, set it with my favorite songs and I was all set. Other mothers started to join me. This made the laps go by much quicker. I would look at my pedometer and be amazed at how many steps we took together while we chatted. Sometimes my children walked with me. But the best walks are the ones I take with myself and my music.

Over the past few years there has been major turmoil in my life and in the lives of those nearest and dearest to me. It has been hard to digest and work around. I started to put on those earphones, look up at the blue sky and pound the pavement. With each step I started to feel release. At first the thoughts were small, why did this happen? How did we get where we are now? How can we get better? Then the flood gates opened up and all the thoughts came through like the river after a storm. It felt good, my legs moved faster, my feet pounded harder. I no longer wanted company. I needed this time to breathe, to remove the angst that had been weighing my heart down.

I had always heard that exercise is the best way to beat anxiety and depression. I now know it is absolutely without a doubt the truth. After a good walk, I feel as though I can conquer any issue that comes my way and yes, when I am finished with my walks, they are indeed waiting for me to arrive back to reality. I find myself craving these moments. Moments to let go, to listen to the music, to feel my heart speaking to me, to let my thoughts out, to let go of any worry or anxiety that is plaguing me. To forgive those who knew not what they were doing when they acted without thought. It it so much easier while moving your legs and arms.

I have left the track and find that my favorite walk is the boardwalk near the ocean. I adore the breeze, the sound of tide and even the smell that many would find unbearable. I also crave water. I don't know what I would do if I could not get to it. I love living on an island so that wherever I go, I can find the water. Sometimes I walk in the parks near my home, sometimes alone, or with my family. I often walk early in the morning alone, then again in the evening with my husband and children. I am never too tired to go for a walk even if its only short one. I walk whenever I can. Although I love to walk with company, I feel a little tug inside when someone asks if they can join me. I don't want to give up me "ME time".


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    • ladyt11 profile image

      ladyt11 7 years ago

      i luv to walk as well. its healing and not only does it work out your whole body but it allows you the opportunity to get your thoughts together and put things in perspective. so i say to you bizymomof3, walk on!!!!

    • daisyjae profile image

      daisyjae 7 years ago from Canada

      I love walking too. You are so lucky to have an ocean near you you can walk to.

    • EnergyAdvisor profile image

      EnergyAdvisor 7 years ago from The nearest planet to Venus

      Enjoyed reading your Hub as walking is also my ME time. My walk is an meditation style walk. Instead of lifting my feet, I lift my knees. Not a visible change but rather my attention is on lifting my knees. This is a really a powerful walk. It forces your mind to become quiet and you can walk for hours that way.

      Keep on doing those ME times:)