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Walleye Fishing Is The Greatest

Updated on June 16, 2011

Walleye Fishing

Mostly in the United States and Canada is where you are going to find mostwalleye. In Canada walleye are the most popular freshwater fish being caught.

Walleye is so loved for some very good reasons. First of all they are one of the best freshwater fighting fish and bar none they are the best tasting fish you will ever sink your teeth into. Oh I know that is an opinionated statement but for those who do get the chance to taste walleye are in most cases hooked immediately.

So a fish that takes great skill to catch rewards you with some great taste. Put the two together and you get nothing better.

Walleye Eyes

Now we have the eyes of a walleye.

The eyes of a walleye are something we can only list as fantastic.  When you get yourself a little understanding of how the eyes work you may have a better understanding of why walleye are such a popular fish to go after.

Behind the retina of a walleye is a membrane called the tapetum lucidum.  The tapedum really only has one purpose.  That purpose is to collect and reflect the light.  Because of the way the walleye sees light is why it is such a strong predator. 

The walleye gets to see in light conditions that no other fish is capable of.

Advantage Goes To The Walleye

For the most part hunting for walleye happens at dusk and dawn.  The light at that time of the day makes it very easy for walleye to see their prey and catch them.  As time goes by  I will share many secrets with you when it comes to catching walleye.  The things I will eventually talk about will do everything to make your walleye fishing experience the best one.

So now that we have talked about the eyes and how good the fish tastes we can talk about a few other things that work well for the walleye.  The curved teeth are even more of a reason the walleye has the reputation of a predator.  Once a fish is caught in waleyes teeth there is almost no chance of the prey getting away.

Sensitive nerve endings that run down the side of a walleyes body allows it to detect even the smallest vibrations in the water.  Because of this the upper hand once again goes to the walleye when it comes to hunting for prey.  For the most part walleye feed on other smaller fish including small walleye.  However they will also eat frogs, insects and even small mammals such as mice.

Some of the best walleye lakes are found in the cold water of the northern Canadian lakes.  In these lakes the walleye grow very large and strong.  The best lakes are the ones that can only be gotten to by air.  It also seems that the colder the water the better the fish taste.

When people are planning a walleye trip most of them plan for Northern Canada.  For those who do take this trip it is almost always something they will never forget.

Some Awesome Products

All fishermen and women are always looking for that advantage over the other guy. They are also always looking for that exact recipe to make the taste better then ever.

Have a look at the Walleye Advantage

Visit my blog at Keep On Fishing


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    • Dale Mazurek profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale Mazurek 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Since walleye are my favorite eventually you will see a lot of hubs about walleye

      Thank you for your comments

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      To me your hub was a revelation. First of all I am no fisherwoman and secondly I never hear dof that fish. Thank for all these information.


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