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Watch Champions League Live

Updated on February 8, 2011

What Champions League Live

Are you looking for ways to watch Champions League live? Good you visited then because here you can find a way to watch Champions League football live online.

This is the 56th Champions League which will end with the final being played on May 28th 2011 at Wembley, London. The Champions League features the best football teams in Europe who initally face enough in playoff matches, then the group stage, then the knockout stages before coming to the final. The Champions League winners will receive an amazing amount of prize money, 9 million Euros to be exact.

This page will provide an overview of the different ways to watch Champions League live and how to find Champions League live scores.

How to watch Champions League Live

If you love football you may want to know how to watch Champions League live. Fortunately there are many ways on and offline to watch Champions League live; some of which are free and some of which require a subscription fee.

If you prefer to watch Champions League live on TV you can check your local TV guide to find out what channels are showing Champions League football.  In the UK ITV shows one Champions football fixture each week, while matches are also shown live on Sky Sports 1. Sky Sports 1 also lets you press the red button and flick between all the Champions football games so that you get the chance to watch them all live.

If you cannot get TV coverage then you may wish to watch Champions League live online. You can watch live football on several websites including, Sky sports website through the Sky Player and the ITV Player. In order to use the ITV Player you will need to have an IP address in the UK. The Sky Player is available outside the Uk but requires a subscription fee for those that do not have SKY Sports, to watch.

There are other websites such as free football tv which let you pay a small subscription fee to watch Champions League live and other football matches live throughout the season. There are also free streaming websites, many of which are illegal and offer poor quality streams. Commonly these live streaming links are shut down or interrupted during the match. So if you want to see the full 90 minutes Champions League live then I would recommend either watching on TV or paying a subscription fee to watch live football on the reputable websites.

Where to find Champions League Live Scores

Perhaps you do not want to watch Champions League live, but would rather see Champions League live scores. There are a number of places to see live football scores and these are listed below.

You can see Champions League live scores online and on TV. With regards to online the best place I have found to see live football scores and newsfeed is Yahoo sports. Yahoo sports lets you see all Champions League live scores and football results. They also provide team news and a live newsfeed so that you can see which teams are coming close to scoring, any bookings, penalties, free kicks or other talking points. Yahoo sports is accessible worldwide as far as I am aware. BBC Sport is another great website to follow Champions league live scores, but I personally prefer Yahoo sports.

With regards to offline your local Sky provider will keep you up to date with Champions League live scores.  Sky sports news features score updates and live commentary from some of the matches, while Sky Sports 1 as already mentioned lets you watch Champions League live.

Where do you watch Champions League live

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