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Watch, Listen and Learn

Updated on July 16, 2011

Move Your Feet

Grab lapel, punch to the face. Being Uke is alot more than it sounds. You must have your stance low enough. Loosen up, get ready to take a fall, because you will!!!

Doing the technique. You cover, step back in kamae and shift your body so you take opponent off balance.move to the inside of the attack putting your elbow in his face and finding the pressure point in his hand that will release his grip on you. Always remembering at the same time to move your feet. Don't leave them planted. Position yourself so that you could come back and tork his hand making his body move in an uncomfortable position because his arm is now pinned in a bar and you are going to throw him.. When you make the throw, move your feet back so he don't land on them.

We must of done the same technique over and over and over again because I couldn't get the part of being thrown right!!! They would throw me and I would roll side ways. I am surprisingly not sore this morning, I must be getting used to this stuff. Sensei kept telling me over and over I must roll, he made me do it alot of times last night and when I couldn't get it right still, he made me do push ups. I almost cried out of frustration, but I didn't.

I felt better toward the end of the night, It was a good class last night and we took things at a good slow pace and even though we did that, class still went fast like it always does. This is definately my stess reliever.


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