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Watch Out What You Wish For

Updated on December 30, 2010

Watch Out What You Wish For

At the beginning the supporters welcomed the men with open arms. The people who would save the club and buy them the league at last. They had openly mocked and condemned other teams in the same position, but now they were glad it was them. The hero worship piled on Hicks and Gillette is something they want to forget.

Just a few years later, it seems that they were not happy with what they had got. They wanted new owners again and expected their former saviours to give up their shares. Gillette and Hicks are not just going to walk away and take a loss, but will fight as long as they can to recoup some of the money they have put into the team.They gave Benetiz a lot of money, and its not fair to blame them for how he spent it. The same fans who adored them when they came, now despise them, and yet strangely seem to adore the person charged with running the team.

The fans were revolting, but their pleas had been falling on deaf ears..

Once again there are a couple of offers on the table, but again the owners were not happy to sell. The supporters didn't seem to accept that they are businessmen and were not investing in the club because they loved the team or fans. For some reason they were allowed to have their asset sold without their consent. A Chinese consortium was seen off pretty quickly, but more Americans came to the forefront.

The bank was being urged to take over, but why would they be the best option? They are a business and would not wipe out the debt and put money up front for yet more players.

Considering the mess they are in at the moment it would make sense to make sure they knew all about the people putting in bids for them.

But time has moved on. The club has been sold, once again to Americans. The fans now believe this group will be different from the last. Stories have come from the States that they did not throw money at the team they own in America, and will be the same here.

If ever there was a time to be careful about what you wish for, it is now - but now is still too late.


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