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Water Parks in Nevada

Updated on May 27, 2012
Flamingo pool
Flamingo pool

Nevada water parks

List of water parks in Nevada is hard to compile as there are not many water parks in this state or even in Las Vegas for that matter. Wild Island is a only water park available now in Nevada. Wet n wild water park is closed on 2004, it is expected to reopen soon. Another park is Las vegas wet water park and it is under construction now. Wild Island water park offers many water attractions to enjoy this summer. You can have fun with your family and friends here. I have included some great pools in Las Vegas in this list and this may satiate your thirst to soak in water. Flamingo beach club and the Mandalay Bay Beach are great places to enjoy water activities.

Wild Island water park

Wild Island is an outdoor water park and is located on Sparks. There are many water slides found in this fun water park such as the thrilling ride Black window which is an enclosed slide with single or double tubes. Dragon's tail is an enclosed body slide with many twist and turns. Eye of the dragon is a bowl slide, offers a swirling ride that drops into a splash pool.

Red viper is also a thrilling ride which takes you with a high speed. Scorpion is a half pipe slide and a free fall zone. Fire and ice is a family ride that ends in a nice landing pool. Tortuga is an open air slide which is also the longest ride in this park. Hurricane cove is a water play area for children and has many water cannons, splashes, sprays and dump bucket.

Little lagoon kiddie pool offers a small slide and a zero depth pool. Bahama mama river is a great place to relax. It contains many water surprises like mushroom fountain and kokomo's island so that it is a great place to cool off during the hot day. Other attractions that can be found at this water park are Bowl & play, race, Mini golf courses and arcade. All these features and water activities make Wild Island one of the best water parks in Nevada.

Mandalay beach Casino

Mandalay beach side casino
Mandalay beach side casino
A markerMandalay Bay Beach -
3950 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA
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Mandalay Bay Beach

Located at the Mandalay Bay casino and hotel, Mandalay Bay Beach provides the ultimate fun that makes it the best water pools in Las Vegas. There are many water activities available such as a wave pool, lazy river, swimming pools, jogging track and beach with real sand. Beachside casino is available which is exclusive in nature making it a world class facility. There is premium seating available at this pool and there are about 100 rentable cabanas and independent villas for personalized amenities. There is the Beachside Casino just steps from the Mandalay Bay Beach. Dinner is served at the Beach Bar And Grill. Many games such as blackjack, table games like craps, roulette are found in the casino. The elegance of upscale setting while looking casual makes for the spectacular views of the beach from the third floor of the casino.

Outdoor pool amenities include cushioned lounges, daybeds that are very comfortable with a private pavilion make it the ultimate water relaxation area in town. Even though it is classified as a pool, I have included it in my list of water parks in Nevada as it has so many other water activities in the pool with a beach setting and there are no other exclusive water parks in this area.

The New Mandalay Bay Beach

Flamingo pool
Flamingo pool
Mandalay bay beach map
Mandalay bay beach map
Wild Island Water Park, Nevada
Wild Island Water Park, Nevada

Flamingo Beach Club

One of the best pools in Vegas is this Flamingo beach which has many amenities such as a big flat screen TV, fresh fruit platter with a bottle of liquor, a mini fridge, etc for VIP cabana bookings. The pools at the Flamingo Las Vegas are just stunning with the interconnecting lagoons and the big waterfall. Water slide is also available but it is only seasonal. You can find lifeguards on duty every day and there are many pool attendants to provide towels and lounge chairs. Soak up in the best water pool in vegas which is located next to Beach Club cafe that offers delicious food items and crafted cocktails for your pleasure.

Las Vegas Wet Water Park

Not opened yet. Work in progress. Las Vegas is filled with hotels, casinos, world class swimming pools which are more than just lanes of water, shopping and dining options. Las Vegas Wet, a controversially named water park in Vegas, is aiming to be the world's largest indoor water park. Check out the developments of this great water park and it will be the highlight of the city once it is completed where the locals can escape the scorching sun and a fun place for tourists who miss Wet N Wild.

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