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Water Slides at Land of Make Believe

Updated on December 26, 2011

The Sidewinder at LOMB

Land of Make Believe

Maybe it's the thought of cold weather arriving which has me thinking about summertime and amusement parks. For those of you that live in or near north west New Jersey, I want to talk to you abot what I think is one of the most econimical Amusement Parks around. It's called The Land of Make Believe (aka LOMB) and is located in Hope NJ, just of Route 80. Most Water Parks and Amusement parks cost an arm and a leg just for entry. Then forget about buying lunch and drinks, that also costs a small kings ransom. Well al that is differnt at LOMB.

This amusement park/water park is really meant for young children, even though teenagers can also make a fun day out of a visit. As far as the amusements go, the park has several rides meant for younger children which include a train ride, a baby roller coaster, a hay ride, a ferris wheel, flying planes, a fun house, and many other fun amusements.

Crossing over from the amusement side of the park to the water park, three large twisting and winding slides, plus two additional slides exist which provide an entire day of fun. To go along with these slides, there is also a lazy river and a wading pool.

LOMB has never been overly crowded whenever I went there. My kids have always enjoyed the day trips we took there over the many years. To go along with the economical comments I made earlier, the first thing you will notice is that parking is free. Other amusement parks will charge you a minimum of $15 - $20 simply to park your car.

As far as food goes, the park allows you to bring in coolers packed with your own lunch and drinks. There are plenty of picnic tables located throughout the park which you can use to sit down and eat your lunch. Even if you're not interested in bringing your own lunch, the few food stands that exist in the park don't gouge you for a hamburger or hot dog. Their prices are very reasonable.

All in all, you will not be disappointed by a day trip to the Land of Make Believe. You will like it, your children will love it, and your wallet will appreciate it!! The video at the top is of the Sidewinder slide which is a huge drop from the top. The video at the bottom is one of many ways to get wet at Black Beard's castle, a fun play area for the younger kids.

If you've been to LOMB, let me know via a comment below what your thoughts or experiences were. Thanks!!

A play area at the LOMB


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