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Weedless Lures

Updated on March 28, 2012
Rapala Minnow spoon
Rapala Minnow spoon

How many lures have you lost at fishing? In last season alone i have lost 9 lures...
When you see a lot of weed and you don´t have a weedless lure then you problably, try to catch fish anyway, but usually that ends badly.. There are some very good weedless lures out there..

One of them is Rapala fishing lure, it is not on sell in amazon, because it was assembled in Finland and they stopped producing it year ago.
What makes this lure special is that it has a very weird game, probably the weirdest game you ever seen, but it is very effective if there is a lot of weed in lake.It has only 1 hooks, so lot of fishes will just go away.My largest fish with this lure is 13 pounds(6.1kg) pike.I wouldn't say that i have got lot of big pikes with this lure, but i can say that this lure is more of bass fishing lure.I haven't caught any trout´s with it.But i must say that RapalaMinnow Spoon is one of the best weedless lures, maybe even one of the best lures.I have caught my biggest bass with it...

The second weedless lure what i want to introduce to you is weedless frog lure Spro frog lure.It is not a crankbait like minnow spoon.It has two hooks on back.It is one of my favorite lures, it is the most interesting lure, you just enjoy when you see little wave moving towards the lure and the the fish gets the bait, i recommend before the fish gets the lure and before you hook, take a deep breath.This fishing bait is made of quality rubber, if pike gets this lure you will see teeth marks on your lure, but it wont change how the lure plays.Did i mention that this is topwater, but you can make this lure go deep also.You can make this by squeezing the lure and the holding it under water, it will suck the water in and then you can cast and it will go underwater.

Now there´s out the new Spro frog lure its called Spro Popper Frog.I have this lure now for about 2 weeks, i have used it both of my weekends fishing trips and it looks to be as good as the classic one, so far i have caught 3 medium size pikes.

On picture is Mepps Timber Doodle Kit these lures are also weedless lures, they are extremly effective for bass and for perch.
On picture is Mepps Timber Doodle Kit these lures are also weedless lures, they are extremly effective for bass and for perch.
Kuusamo räsanen weedless fishing lure
Kuusamo räsanen weedless fishing lure

little more reading about fishing weedless...

Some people have asked "but what about other weedless lures", yes there are other weedless lures, one company called weedless lures inc even produces them, but well i have 1 of their lures i should say i had not have it got stuck in weed...If you want best weedless lures that are out there use spro weedless frog lure or weedless minnow spoon.It is the finest quality of rapala fishing lure, it ain't like other crankbaits at appearance it is special, especially these old rapala minnow spoons, you can recognize the with their blue blue package those are the old lures they are smaller than the new ones which you can recognize by their yellow package.Neither of them are wooden lures.Now i have searched for weedless spinnerbaits, i found one, but it´s one of the worst lures ever..If you want weedless topwater lure use weedless frog, but if you want weedless crankbait then use rapala minnow spoon.If you are spoon fan you can use kuusamo räsanen, its very hard to get, but its really good also.I hope you like fishing weedless...

Weedless hooks

If you do not like the lures which are designed to be weedless, then you can also use your own lures, you don´t have to buy special lures.You only need weedless hooks.Having a pack of weedless hooks in you fishing tackle box can be a huge bonus.They are like a secret weapon in your disposal.You should be ready before going fishing, so don´t forget your weedless hooks.And a little TIP before you go fishing.Before casting the lure with weedless hooks always look over the hooks and the wire, the wire must be parallel to the hook.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      For fishing Bass my favorites are top-water action. Frogs, buzzbaits, and poppers. but for weedless always a big twistertail. maybe a Berkley PowerBait..Texan Rigged to get was under the coverage and not get hung up

    • Uzdawi profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thanks for comment:)

    • HuckR profile image


      9 years ago from Fredericksburg, VA.

      I can't say enough about how much I love weedless lures! A lot of good info here, especially the tip on sinking those topwater frogs.


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