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NFL Insider Week 7 Predictions and Thoughts

Updated on October 22, 2011

This week has some really tough games to call. I was able to bounce back with an 11-2 record last week, but this week has a few games that has me second guessing myself. After a lot of research and going with my gut on some games, I've compiled my picks for week 7.

Some things we should learn this weekend:

Who the Lions and Falcons really are. This is going to be a great match up and will give us an idea of who these teams are this season. If the Lions can get a running game going, they can pull this off, but they still seem to be one dimensional. Ronnie Brown should help get some short yardage gains and pick up first downs for the Lions. The Falcons will be without Julio Jones for the second straight week. Michael Turner will have a tougher time running against the Lions Front four this weekend, so they need to have balance. This should be the game of the week.

The South will be won. The Titans and Texans will battle it out for first place in the South. Neither of these teams have been predictable thus far, so it's tough to say who has the upper hand. The Texans are plagued with injuries and have lost some games they should have won this year. The Titans have minimal weapons on offense, and Chris Johnson has yet to earn the money he held out for. He needs to have a big game this weekend or Titan fans may start turning on him.

Redskins at Panthers: The Panthers are three point favorites for good reason. The Redskins played much better than what they really are the first three weeks of the season. Grossman is back to his old form of turning the ball over and if they bring in Beck, he still can't compete with Cam Newton. Panthers win 17-13

Seahawks at Browns: The Browns have a great defense but the offense is struggling. They need to get someone to stretch the field and get some big plays. T.O is almost ready to play, they really should consider this option. Hillis will finally get it going this week and the Browns will win at home big. Browns 27-14

Falcons at Lions: Two weeks in a row the Lions will have the game of the week. This game is important to both teams. The Falcons need a win to keep pace with the the Buccaneers who have already beaten them this year. The Lions can't afford to fall too far behind Green Bay, and if the Bears get it going, they don't want to fall to just one game ahead of them. The Falcons finally looked like the team we knew last year when they pulled away from Carolina last week. I think they keep it going because the Lions can't run the ball consistently yet. I think Ronnie Brown will help, but until he learns the offense, they will continue to struggle. The Lions are 3.5 point favorites but I think they lose this one. Falcons win 20-17

Broncos at Dolphins: The only reason anyone will tune in to watch this game is because of the debut of Tim Tebow this season. He came in late last week and sparked the offense, which shouldn't have a problem against this Dolphin team. Miami is undisciplined and is probably the worst team in the league at the moment. Broncos win 27-7

Chargers at Jets: I'm not convinced that the Chargers are a top ranked team yet. They haven't played like a top tier team, barely winning every one of their games, but they do only have one loss. After this weekend, they will have two. The Jets will be too strong at home and can't afford to fall further behind the Patriots and Bills. Vegas has the Chargers one point favorites, but I like the Jets 20-17

Bears at Buccaneers: It seems that Mike Martz finally realized what all of us have known for a while (especially Jay Cutler). You can't do seven step drop backs when you have a horrible offensive line. They ran quick three step drop backs and got the ball out of Cutler's hands quick last weekend and it made a huge difference. The Bears will keep it rolling this weekend against Tampa. Bears win 27-14

Texans at Titans: This is a huge divisional match up that will determine the leader of the South in the AFC. The Texans were supposed to run away with this division when Peyton Manning announced he wouldn't be playing this season. That hasn't happened. Injuries have tormented the Texans, but they can't make excuses any longer. They need to make a statement this Sunday and I think they will. I like Houston in an upset 23-21

Steelers at Cardinals: The Cards have been a huge disappointment this year. When they acquired Kolb, many thought they would run away with the division, but that hasn't been the case at all. The Steelers are getting older and it will show as the season progresses, but they will win this game easily Sunday. Steelers win 38-14

Chiefs at Raiders: The Raiders are quietly becoming one of the best teams in the league, and the addition of Carson Palmer will only help. Giving up two first round draft picks leaves them thin the next few years at draft time, so they need to win now. Many people forget that they swept the division last year. They have one of the best running games in the NFL, and a stout defense. Raiders win this one even with Boller starting 17-10

Rams at Cowboys: The Rams added Brandon Lloyd this week before the trade deadline and that should help Bradford out, but it won't be enough. The QB is in a walking boot this week because he's taking too many hits. The Cowboys are playing better and should win this one at home easily. Cowboys win 28-13

Packers at Vikings: The Christian Ponder era begins in Minnesota and we can only hope that McNabb retires after this year. This is not the game you want to make your debut in, but the Packers are in town this week. They will continue to roll, but enough with the undefeated talks already. They will get beat at some point, probably a few times, but not this week. Packers win 31-10

Colts at Saints: The Saints need to get the running game going because Drew Brees is throwing way too many times, and this results in a lot of turnovers. People forget he threw just as many picks as Eli last season (one less), but Eli always gets picked on for interceptions. Brees has a tendency to throw a lot of them as well. Running the ball shouldn't be an issue against a poor Colts defense this weekend. The Saints are two touchdown favorites and should honor that. Saints win 35-17

Ravens at Jaguars: How this is the Monday Night match up I will never know, but this will be similar to last Mondays game, boring and painful to watch. The Ravens will run away with this game. I have them winning 30-10


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    • Bigpayno profile image

      Bigpayno 6 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      I agree...I knew it was going to be bad but wow. Read my latest Hub on Luck and why the Colts shouldn't draft him if you haven't already. It gives my input on what the Colts need to do with Caldwell and how they should draft next year. As far as my picks, I'm 11-1 this week missing only the Raiders game, because they looked absolutely awful.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Last night was brutal....being a true fan of the Colts I watched it to the brutal end....62-7.....some of this has to fall on Jim Caldwell...since they(The Colts) decided to sit the regulars down in the third quarter of the 15th game of 2009...when they were 14-0....their regular season record is 10-15.....and their overall record is 12-17...pretty bad streak...when you consider this franchise won the most games ever in a decade...2000-2009. From a hurting Colts fan.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      I think we would have gotten the ticket if we realized that the Colts would be so bad....last year we saw 12 of the 16 Colts games in our local it was why pay for the ticket when Peyton gets the Colts on tv almost every Peyton...and all of sudden the Colts only appear in our local market when they are on primetime like tonight....maybe this Manning guy is a pretty good player.

    • Bigpayno profile image

      Bigpayno 6 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      LOL...sorry Cogerson. That's why I get the Sunday Ticket. Yeah, I'm kind of torn tonight with my fantasy team, because I have the Saints defense but I'm also considering starting Garcon because he has two touchdowns in each of the last two games prior to last week, where he did nothing for me. But my other option is Santonio Holmes, and I swear every time I start that guy he does absolutely nothing! It looks like Beck is getting the start today for the Skins. I think it will be a close game the more I examine it, but I just don't believe in the a lot of the teams that are getting hype right now, like the Chargers. I know they only have one loss, but they haven't beaten anyone, and the games they won haven't been convincingly. It will be interesting to see how they look against the Jets.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      I am really dislike the Redskins, but they have an excellent I see a rough day for Newton and a Redskin for our Colts I just hope they are competitive tonight...but I am sure a 0-7 start is coming...who would have thought. Talk about some crappy games on free tv today in my area....I get Redskins vs Panthers....Steelers vs Cardinals....and Packers at Vikings...not a great matchup in the bunch.