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Week 8 Predictions for the NFL

Updated on October 27, 2011

It's time to look ahead at this weekend's games predict some winners. After back to back 11-2 weekends, I'm feeling pretty confident heading into this weekend's match-ups. After carefully dissecting the teams and match-ups, I'm confident this week that I will go 13-0. It's very tough to do this year with all the parody, but I definitely have a good shot with this week's games.

Cardinals at Ravens

Baltimore is coming off a devastating loss on a prime time stage and I have a feeling they will take it out on the hopeless Cardinals. The Ravens are 12.5 point favorites and playing at home against a team that has a banged up running back and a quarterback that has failed to live up to the contract and expectations the Cards had for him. This one is going to get ugly. Look for this defense to become opportunistic and score some points as well, because they can't trust the offense to score consistently. Offense and defense scores this weekend and Ravens win 30-10.

Vikings at Panthers

This is going to be an intriguing match-up. The Vikings looked good last weekend against the Packers under Christian Ponder. Adrian Peterson has been playing great (as usual) but the defense isn't as good as it used to be. The over aggressive defensive ends will get pressure on the edges, but this will hurt them and allow Cam Newton to scramble forward for positive yards through out the game. Carolina is 3.5 point favorites this weekend, but another week of practice for Ponder as the No. 1 will prove to be too much for the Panthers. I like the Vikings in an upset. Vikings 24-20

Jaguars at Texans

The Texans are 10 point favorites and I agree with the odds. The Jags D was tenacious Monday against the Ravens, but a healthy Arian Foster and the chance that Andre Johnson will be back into the lineup will give the Texans more than enough ammo to beat the Jaguars. I like Houston winning this game in big fashion, because the Jags are incapable of scoring. Houston wins 28-10

Dolphins at Giants

The Giants are 10.5 point favorites against the Dolphins, which doesn't seem like enough if you ask me. The Dolphins are awful and the Giants are starting to get healthy coming off a bye. Combine that with playing at home this Sunday and the Giants are a sure fire pick in this one. Giants win 27-6

Saints at Rams

The Saints are a little less than two touchdown favorites over the Rams this Sunday. The Saints are coming off a 62 point performance against the Colts last weekend. I don't expect them to duplicate that at all, but I do expect them to run away with this game. The Rams are bad and Bradford is out another game, so expect the Saints to win big. Saints 33-10

Colts at Titans

The Titans are 8.5 point favorites in this game where most of us in Indy are hoping that its a must win for Caldwell's job. He has done nothing with this team without Peyton Manning and that's not good. A coach can't ride one player and keep his job. Look for the Colts to play better than they did last weekend, but it's not going to be enough. It will be closer than people think so I would take the Colts with the spread, but the Titans will win this game. Titans 20-14

Redskins at Bills

The Redskins have lost too many players to injuries, and John Beck has not proven that he can win in this league. They travel to Buffalo who is coming off a bye week after losing their second game of the year to the New York Giants. The Bills are a touchdown favorite and I like those odds playing at home against a banged up Redskins team. Bills 31-20

Lions at Broncos

How the Lions have fallen. Coming into Denver only three point favorites against a Tim Tebow led team. Stafford is practicing, but will the Lions risk him in this game one week before the bye? Whether it's Matthew Stafford or Shaun Hill, I like the Lions in this one. Lions 28-13

Patriots at Steelers

The Patriots travel into Hines Field three point favorites, and I don't see any reason why they shouldn't win this game. Coming off a bye I like the Pats in this one. The Steelers have been up and down this year but are 5-2 and looking to stay atop the North. You know the Patriots will be ready with two weeks to prepare so expect New England to win this game. Patriots 24-20

Bengals at Seahawks

Both of these teams have played solid defense this year, but both have a lot of new players on offense and have struggled to score points at times. The Bengals are a surprising 4-2 and I like them in this game, even if Marshawn Lynch does play for Seattle. Greg Little is becoming a legitimate receiver in this league, and I see him scoring again this week against the Seahawks. Bengals 17-13

Browns at 49ers

The 49ers are 9 point favorites against a Browns team that seems incapable of scoring points. Coming off a bye I expect them to be fully prepared for the Browns, who will have Peyton Hillis back in the lineup this Sunday. I would like to see him get back on track and be the player he was a year ago, not the whiny player that's hurt every week for whatever reason this season. The niners will win this game because I don't believe the Browns have learned how to score yet consistently. 49ers win 20-10

Cowboys at Eagles

The Eagles are coming off a bye, and the Cowboys are coming off their most impressive win of the season. This should be a great match-up. I don't think the Cowboys secondary is good enough to consistently stop Jackson and Maclin, so I think the Eagles will be able to score points. You know Andy Reid will have his team focused on stopping the run, so Romo is going to have to win this game for Dallas, which he hasn't proved he can do this year. I like the Eagles in this game. Eagles 27-24

Chargers at Chiefs

This is another one of those games where you don't know which team will show up on any given week. The Chargers already have a win over the Chiefs this year, but the game was closer than many thought it would be. The Chargers just aren't the team that everyone thought they were going to be, and don't look to be real competitive against the better teams in the league. I think they will win this game though, even though it's played in Kansas City. Chargers 28-17


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    • Bigpayno profile image

      Bigpayno 6 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      9-2 record so far...not too bad considering how the day has went.

    • Bigpayno profile image

      Bigpayno 6 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Thanks. I would love it if you're right!

    • JasonCulley profile image

      JasonCulley 6 years ago from Cheyenne, WY

      Good picks. I am going with the Colts beating the Titans this weekend as my "UPSET OF THE WEEK!"

    • Bigpayno profile image

      Bigpayno 6 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Yeah, both of those games could really go either way. I just don't like the Seahawks offense against that tough Bengals defense. But who knows the way this year is

    • Manny2437 profile image

      Manny2437 6 years ago from Sacramento, CA

      I'm one of the few that stuck their necks out and picked Pittsburgh. I really do think they will defeat New England. look out for the 12th man in Seattle. Dalton is good but he is still a rookie and that crowd is loud. Don't be surprised if the Bengals blow a few timeouts.

    • Bigpayno profile image

      Bigpayno 6 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Yeah, that's quite a compliment as a rookie QB. It takes a lot for someone to come in right out of college and demand respect from veterans. Colt McCoy has those same qualities, he just doesn't have the talent around him yet in Cleveland. One of these days the Browns will realize this. They could have picked up any of the free agent receivers this year but chose not to, now they are paying for it. Cam will have a great game this weekend. I think he'll run more effective this weekend, so it's all going to depend on how the secondary for the Vikings plays. I usually bet on games but I haven't bet any money since week one, when I lost a parlay that I thought was a sure thing.

    • thelyricwriter profile image

      Richard Ricky Hale 6 years ago from West Virginia

      Good list. Minnesota and Carolina is one of those toss up games. This season has been tough picking. I haven't seen so many inconsistent teams in awhile. I just keep getting surprised at Cam Newton. They throw a lot. I don't know who I favor, Cam or Andy Dalton. Dalton doesn't have Cam's stats, but he has become a leader on this team as a rookie. Andrew Whittworth was on ESPN and said "Andy demands respect in the huddle and tells us what he needs from us. When he talks, we listen". That is a quality that Palmer never had.