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Weekend Wristlock: 3 Feuds for Jason Jordan

Updated on March 16, 2020

Amongst all the excitement over the eventual return of Dean Ambrose, one injured superstar still on the shelf is Jason Jordan. The former tag team wrestler has been out of action since February, and will hopefully make his return soon.

He has never been a guy who has excelled on the mic, but he is explosive in the ring. Here, we will be going over three potential feuds for Jordan once he returns.

3. Chad Gable

As the former tag team "American Alpha", Jordan and Gable absolutely put on a wrestling clinic week in and week out. Two former amateur wrestling stars, this duo reminded many of the former "Team Angle" or "World's Greatest Tag Team" (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) with their in-ring work.

After being split up via the Superstar Shakeup, it appeared to be a mutual parting... until the 2017 invasion of Raw by Smackdown, which saw Chad Gable immediately assault Jason Jordan amid the chaos.

Gable is currently doing nothing on Raw, literally. His last match on television was in the middle of May. This feud would have a personal touch to it, and also feature tons of great wrestling.

2. Dolph Ziggler

The current Intercontinental champion has been on a role with numerous wins over Seth Rollins. It's only been a week since their feud apparently ended, but Ziggler doesn't have another challenger yet. If Drew McIntyre doesn't challenge him, then I expect a returning Jordan to be a realistic possibility.

I don't believe these two have ever met one on one, but I'd fully expect some great matches with the ,Intercontinental title on the line. Their bouts wouldn't be on the level of Ziggler/Rollins, but they would no doubt be solid at the least.

Who should Jason Jordan feud with upon his return?

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1. Seth Rollins

This is the obvious one. As a replacement for an injured Dean Ambrose, Jason Jordan joined Seth Rollins as a tag team. These guys rarely got along and spent many matches arguing with each other and losing matches.

This pairing was very entertaining and eventually led to a tag team title win over The Bar on Raw, before losing them back about a month later. Eight days later before their scheduled rematch, Jordan informed Rollins that his neck was too injured to compete, and eventually costed Seth Rollins and his partner, Roman Reigns the match. Understandably, Rollins was extremely frustrated and even started yelling at Jordan backstage, as Kurt Angle sent him home (which is the last we saw of him).

Jordan could return to cost Seth Rollins a match before an all-out beatdown of The Architect ensues. Or, he could save Rollins from an attack by Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre... before laying him out himself. There are many ways this feud could get started, but the one thing that is certain (the theme of all of these feuds), is these two would put on some great matches together.


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