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Ever Wanted to go Destin Parasailing?

Updated on October 31, 2014

How did Parasailing Begin?

Parasailing began in the early 60’s by Piere Lamoigne when he attached a parachute to the back of a car, and used that to lift a person off the ground, for parachute jump training, as a cost saving method. They would tow the person to a designated height, then let them go, so they can practice landing. This method, called parascending, took form, and in the early 1970’s, the first aquatic parasailing was born. In the early days, parasailing was done by standing on the beach as a boat drives out and lifts the chute, and then you. It wasn’t until 1972, that the motorized platform was developed and in 1974 they started launching people off the actual boat, the method most commonly used today.

How do you Parasail?

Parasailing starts by getting a good safety briefing, then you are strapped into your harness, hooked to the parachute which is hooked to the boat, and then the fun begins. Before liftoff, you, or qualified people, should check everything, and take position ready for takeoff. That’s when the boat drive starts going, slowly, while the parachute takes flight, taking up the slack in the line until all the slack is out, and you are gently lifted off the deck, and rise upwards of 600 feet up in the sky. The driver steers the boat, and you have some steering capability with the controls on the parachutes, although steering shouldn’t actually be necessary. To come back to the ground, most of today’s parasailing boats have a winch system to bring you back down, although you could just slow the boat down and float. If splashdown is achieved, the boat then comes, picks you up, and your journey is over.


What types of Parasailing are there?

There are different types of Parasailing, as well as solo, double, and even triple harness configurations, so you can invite your friends for an exhilarating ride none of you will soon forget. With all the different types and configurations, everybody can enjoy at the same time. See the world at a whole new level, see sea life, and feel the air, as you sail effortlessly across the water. From a mild sightseeing jaunt, to an exhilarating 600 foot climb with wild expectations, everyone, young and old, should try parasailing at least once in their life. And with the advances in technology, parasailing these days is as safe, easy, and fun as ever. You don’t even have to get wet!

A marker1198 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 -
1198 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32569, USA
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The Location of Crab Island Watersports. Located on Okaloosa Island by Books Bridge, between Alvin's Island and Legendary Marina.


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  • silvershark profile image

    Kenneth Moody 6 years ago from Destin, Florida

    Jaws was actually filmed in this area as well, just a extra FYI.

  • silvershark profile image

    Kenneth Moody 6 years ago from Destin, Florida

    ty for commenting on my hub!

  • John Sarkis profile image

    John Sarkis 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

    Great hub...

    Looks like fun. It's funny, because, most of the "fish killer" movie genres, as I like to call them, always feature a "parasailor" get eaten up..."Jaws" and "Piranha" have scenes of this type in them. Anyways, enjoyed your hub very much and voted up


  • The Finance Hub profile image

    The Finance Hub 6 years ago from Portland, Oregon

    Ahhhh...This looks like so much fun! I'm going to have to try it! Great hub, hope you enjoy mine as well!