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What Were The Largest Fish Ever Caught?

Updated on June 6, 2013

Whether you are a keen angler or just a fish lover, the question will have inevitably crossed your mind at some point of what was the largest fish ever caught. In this article, I am going to show you pictures of just five of the largest fishing catches of all time. As a somewhat amateur angler myself, it amazes me that some of these people even managed to reel these fish in (as they are quite simply enormous). It does however give hope to those of us who have only ever caught very small fish in the past. I do not expect to be catching anything near this big anytime soon though.

Please note, that there may be larger fish out there in the seas and oceans, these are simply the largest ones which managed to be caught by humans...

5. The Largemouth Bass

In the United States fishing these largemouth bass is a very common occurrence. Therefore, there is a large amount of competition surrounding who has the world record for the largest one. Currently, the world record for the largemouth bass is not held by an American though. It has instead gone to Manabu Kurita, who caught a 22 pound 5 oz largemouth bass in Lake Biwa in Japan (2009). This fish was only 1 oz more than the previous world record which had stood for 77 years (set by George Perry of Jacksonville, Georgia on June 2, 1932). Some however state that in fact the record is tied and that Kurita is not the sole recordholder. The International Game Fishing Association even went so far as to polygraph Kurita before he did the test in order to see if he was telling the truth about the catch (due to the importance of the record he broke). Whatever the dispute, it is undeniable that it is one huge fish that Kurita managed to catch.

4. Mekong Giant "Grizzly Bear" Catfish

This record comes to us from 2005 when fishermen in Thailand netted what is believed to be one of the largest freshwater fish ever recorded. At nearly 9 feet in length and weighing 646 pounds it was nicknamed the 'grizzly bear' fish. This is because it weighs more than an adult grizzly bear (which is insane if you think about it). What amazes me is how they even managed to get it onto the boat.

The species itself is endangered but due to its size it could not be put back into the water in time and so consequently died shortly after being caught.

3. Swordfish

The world record for the largest swordfish ever caught comes from way back in May 1953 by Lou Marron. It was just off the coast of Chile that Marron managed to find this monstrous fish. At 179.25 inches long and 1182 pounds in weight, it is said to be one of the largest fish caught by a fishing rod. Supposedly, it took Marron a 2 hour struggle with the fish on his line before he was able to catch it. It is today kept on a mount in the International Game Fishing Association in Miami, Florida.

2. Atlantic Blue Marlin

The record for the largest Atlantic Blue Marlin ever caught comes from February 29th 1992 (coincidentally a leap year). It was caught off of Vitoria, Brazil by Paulo Amorim. It took him over 80 minutes to catch this 1402 pound fish...

It simply amazes me that he even managed to get this one onto the boat...

1. Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

The world record for the largest Atlantic Bluefin tuna comes from just off of Nova Scotia back in October 26, 1979. Whilst tuna fish are known for their large size, this is simply enormous. At 1496 pounds it is undoubtably one of the largest fish ever to be caught. The fisherman who caught it, Ken Fraser, has been living off of the glory of this catch ever since (and who can blame him really). He even decided to write a book about it...


As you can see, these are just some of the largest fish to have ever been caught by fisherman. There may however be bigger fish out there in the sea; these guys were just lucky enough to catch these ones. If I was Ken Fraser and I had caught the worlds largest Atlantic Bluefin tuna then i'm sure I would want to live off of the fame of this (as he has done)...

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