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What happened to Brock Lesnar in UFC 121

Updated on March 25, 2012

Brock Lesnar

UFC 121 in Anaheim California, Brock Lesnar versus Cain Velasquez. Many people were all waiting for this fight to happen because everyone believes that Cain Velasquez is the fighter that will defeat Brock Lesnar. In fact, everyone was waiting to see the very first ever UFC heavyweight champion on the world if Cain Velasquez defeats Lesnar.

Velasquez looks determine going into the ring. He looks fresh and full of confident while Brock Lesnar looks angered, looks kind of worried, looks beaten. Usually he goes in the ring with no facial hair and a great army haircut. This time Brock Lesnar grows a beard grows out his army haircut look, he looks like he was not prepared to fight Cain Velasquez.

Brock Lesnar is not the same fighter as he was the first time he walked into the UFC ring in 2008 against Frank Mir where he lost the fight via submission by Frank Mir. In his very first match, Lesnar looked like a UFC fighter and looked dangerous and powerful. He was quick on his feet which is not bad for a heavyweight fighter. The next three fights, he looked more comfortable fighting. Everyone thought that a former WWE wrestling entertainer would not survive in the UFC with fighters who are more experience fighters than Lesnar. He though Lesnar lost to Frank Mir, the whole UFC saw that he can fight and that he can conquer the heavyweight championship belt. Lesnar would prove the world that he belongs to the UFC elite where he would become the UFC heavyweight champion of the world when he defeated UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture. That's when Lesnar became the most hated UFC fighter and the most favorite UFC fighter to be watched.

However, in October of 2009 Brock Lesnar had to pull out, due to sickness, of UFC 106 where he would face Shane Carwin for the UFC heavyweight belt. Apparently, Lesnar would find out that he had been suffering from mononucleosis and diverticulitis, a stomach illness that would keep him out of the UFC ring until the summer of 2010.

UFC 116, Brock Lesnar would step in the ring for the first time against Carwin. On the other hand, Shane Carwin coming into the ring undefeated and he a record for all his fight lasting for only one round. Lesnar, still recovering from his illness looked to challenge a stronger and more fitter Carwin. The media was not sure if Lesnar was 100 percent ready for the fight and that showed in the very first round of the fight when Carwin was throwing vicious blows to the Lesnar's face. But Lesnar survived the first round with a cut face, Carwin looked tired going on to the second round and thats where Lesnar took down Carwin and submitted him into a choke. Lesnar defeats Carwin and retains the heavyweight belt. Even though he defeated Carwin, the media still questions lesnar's health. Looking with his fight with Carwin, Lesnar looked out of shape and did not have the physical ability to fight. How will he do with Cain Velasquez?

Cain Velasquez was nothing like Shane Carwin. Velasquez is a boxer and a jiu jitsu fighter while Lesnar was just a wrestler. Velasquez was undefeated with 9 wins and no loses. Lesnar looking like he will retain his heavyweight belt and actually waited no time walking as fast as he can to get into the ring. When the fight started, Lesnar to looked into dominating Velasquez by taking the fight into the ground. But Velasquez studied Lesnar with his fight against Carwin. Velasquez knew that Lesnar was a much better fighter on the ground than standing. Lesnar struggled to get the fight into the ground, Velasquez defended very well and kept the fight on stand. Therefore, Velasquez would punish Lesnar with striking punches to the face and thats when Lesnar was in trouble. Just only minutes into the fight, Lesnar had a blooding face and there were blood everywhere, Lesnar was getting beat up very badly and he could not fight back. As a result, Lesnar lost the fight and lost his UFC heavyweight championship belt to Cain Velasquez who became the first ever Mexican UFC heavyweight champion.

In the end, Lesnar is only human. He may have lost two fights in the UFC but he has surprised everyone that he can fight in the UFC and that he could be a one of the best heavyweight champion that has ever fought in the UFC. However, Lesnar changed when he got ill. It was not the same Brock Lesnar with a lot of trash talking showing off every time he won or just talking smash about his opponent. That character is gone. If he still had that character, he would still be UFC heavyweight champion right now and he would have defeated Velasquez easily without a sweat.

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      you need to work on your writing skills. worst article I ever read!!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Long live brock lesnar¡

    • villanueva21 profile imageAUTHOR

      John Villa 

      8 years ago from Greece

      Before his illness, Brock was already transforming into a better and greater UFC fighter. His strength is to go on the ground and over power his opponents with his weight and his punching ability. thats how he beat Frank Mir in their second fight. Cain knew he would be weak on a stand off, and he would be weak in taking alot of punches to the face. However, I still believe that a much healthier Brock would have beaten Cain. The much more hated Brock. If he gets him back, I know you would know that he can beat Cain!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      no offense to you man, even the old Brock Lesnar showed up on that fight Cain would still smash him, Lesnar cant win to people with skills

    • profile image

      Cain Kunene (RSA) 

      8 years ago

      Yeah this post is 100% correct. For some reason i had a feeling this fight wasn't gonna be a pleasant one for Brock.

      We cancerians get bored easily. But he will get over his blues, train smarter (if he can get Mike Tyson) and Whip some ass!

      Brock's biggest fan


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