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What is Surf Style?

Updated on August 23, 2010

What is Surf Style?

Surf style constantly changes. The popularity that one style has now might become old a few weeks later. Many novice surfers will simply go to shops and buy everything that is considered fashionable in equipment and clothes. They then simply leave and feel like a surfer when they are simply not. Also, the word "dude" keeps appearing mostly around surfing wannabes. False surf style examples can also be given in different car stickers or TV references.

Surf style is natural for some surfers. Changes in clothes will happen but this is mostly due to fashion changing. Whenever we talk about surf style there is a need to refer to something else too. The fact that one person has really trendy clothes or a great looking board does not mean he also has style. People that really hold surf style will never be bothered by having it or not. Surfing can be described as a way of living when it gets to the point that we have to talk about surf style.

On TV the most commonly portrayed surfing style is the laid back look combined with stupidity. This is definitely a really bad characterization of the true surfer. We know there are basically hundreds of surfers out there that are tied between them by a surfing passion while also having good jobs and being smart. Surf style comes from the spirit that a surfer has. You can clearly see this when the person comes out from a surfing session. Almost all that consider surfing one top priority have what is called surf style. Clothes featuring a lot of stickers are not needed by them and they will not use the word dude so often while also maintaining a laid back appearance. A real surfer spirit appears filled with energy while being expressed in a smile.


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