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What is this Crossfit Craze? Fad or Destiny?

Updated on May 24, 2014
Trying to find a perfect weight for front squats (FS) After a month I hit a personal record (PR) of 175lbs
Trying to find a perfect weight for front squats (FS) After a month I hit a personal record (PR) of 175lbs

Into the Kool Aid of Crossfit

What exactly is this Crossfit craze? Let’s be honest, most everything on the inter webs these days either degrades the thought of Crossfit, or hails it’s existence as a gift to all human kind. This is in no way a journal, or a way to sway you for or against Crossfit. But, an unbiased article based on personal experience. I have been trying to do various forms of training to see what can help me in my conquest to have a healthier feel to life. After having months of bias against something I had never tried, I decided to dip my toe into the Kool Aid and see what Crossfit was for myself.

I started my first drop in class with the goal of an open mind, while still keeping their framework in check. I had a great workout, and the coaches made sure that they gave me enough attention to my form so that I would not hurt myself, as well as instruction to not feel lost. I wasn’t fully convinced that Crossfit was this miracle given to man. But, I wanted to try at least a month (just like a diet takes at least a month to see some change, the same goes with a training framework). I did the intro classes, and stayed for about two weeks. It couldn’t keep my interest for much longer and it was pulling teeth and dreading going. The workouts were hard and rewarding, but the heart that I wanted behind it just wasn’t there.

I took about a month off and dropped in to a different Crossfit gym (AKA box). I missed the rewarding feel of working hard and thought maybe it was the box that I tried. I went for 5 days straight and finally felt that Kool Aid start to kick in that everyone had been talking about. I had a phenomenal workout, the people were nice, and the trainers kept you in check (without the militaristic motivation). They taught me how to lift things properly so that I could lift more weight, safely. They focused on form, not weight or time. I gained more confidence and muscle memory, a love-hate relationship with cardio (well... still a large amount of hate), as well as a conscience while working out. You’ll know the workouts that you don’t push yourself as hard as you should’ve. After all, Crossfit is at your own pace and competing with yourself, not those around you. My 1.5 mile has come down a full minute after about 3 1/2 weeks of training 5-6 days with them, I can almost do strict pull-ups, I hit a personal record (PR) with my deadlift (DL), and I feel a lot happier with a lot more energy.

A Day in the Life

What Do You Do for a Workout

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What to Expect When Expecting the Worst

  • Don't expect the worst!
  • Don't read the WOD (workout of the day) before you go
  • Get a nice journal to journal your times and reps. This provides encouragement and a way to keep track of progress
  • Expect it to be around $140 per month for unlimited (you want to go at least 3-4 times per week a month)
  • Bring a couple water bottles
  • You don't need fancy work out clothing! I use shorts and a t-shirt and puma shoes
  • Make small goals to reach and reward yourself with a new t-shirt or new shoes
  • Be ready to challenge yourself mentally. We all have those couch potato days
  • Water in-take! You should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces. This will help with over all energy and hydration

Love Your Body!

"I don't workout because I hate my body, I workout because I love it" ~ Unknown


Don’t get me wrong, Crossfit is a great opportunity if you’re willing to put the time and effort in. It’s not a miracle workout that will make you lose 100 pounds without any effort. But, the community aspect as well as the intense workout will keep you coming back. To be completely candid with everyone who reads this, just start making your way towards a healthier lifestyle. Any exercise is better than none. Your brain will tell you to give-up when your body can do quite a lot more. The only thing that is stopping you, is you!

Crossfit Family

Two boys have been doing Crossfit. We three girls decided to try it out for a month.
Two boys have been doing Crossfit. We three girls decided to try it out for a month.

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