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What is wrong with Derrick Rose?

Updated on November 15, 2015

Analyzing Derrick Rose

Now I know what everyone says, "It's to early" "It's just the start of the season wait until February, March etc" but unfortunately for me I see some big issues with Derrick Rose at the moment that are going to seriously affect the Chicago Bulls upside this season if this doesn't get fixed.

Now let's start on the positives, Derrick Rose is healthy!!! Well healthy enough to be on the basketball court at least. How bad is his orbital fracture still? Is he actually seeing double still? We don't know only Derrick Rose knows that, but the great news is that his knees seem to be holding up just fine at the moment. Another positive? Rose is driving more to the basket, as much as he did in his MVP year which is great news for the flow of the new Chicago offence and allowing him to spread the floor to find shooters such as McDermott and Mirotic. He is finding these shooters well with Rose averaging 6 assists a game with his number could easily rise to 8 or 9 if his teammates make a few more open shots.

Now the bad news... yes Derrick Rose is getting into the paint but he is not finishing in there. His field goal % is around 35%. Now it doesn't matter what position you play in the NBA that's a pretty bad %. Now with these increases in misses on some of Rose's wild drives there is less of an emphasis on offensive rebounding in Chicago's new offense so quite often Rose's misses end up as an easy defensive rebound and then the opposition pushes the ball more quickly up the floor on the rebound. Should Derrick Rose stop driving? No he shouldn't but he needs to find a way to finish better around the bucket because Rose's outside shot has much to be desired with him shooting 6% yes 6% from 3 point range.

In addition to Rose's problems with driving to the ring and struggling with shooting the rock there are some more alarming stats: Currently the Chicago Bulls rank better in offensive and defensive efficiency, field goal %, true shooting %, assist % and rebounding % when Rose is OFF the floor. Yes you read that right, now that is quite alarming. Rose's PER (play efficiency rating) is currently at 9.3. Now what does that mean? The league average is 15... so yes that is pretty bad.

Of course it is early in the season and Derrick Rose is still seeing double according to him, so when that eye is fully healed we will see the best that Rose is going to be. But this man is getting paid over 20 million a year to play for the Chicago Bulls and still considers himself the superstar of this team. But a stat line of 12.6 points, 6.0 assists, 3.1 rebounds, 0.4 steals and a field goal of 35% is just not good enough for the former league M.V.P. If Derrick Rose does not improve to an all-star level soon... the Chicago Bulls will not be winning an NBA title anytime soon, the Bulls are still dependent on the former league M.V.P. As great as Jimmy Butler has become the Bulls go as far as Derrick Rose takes them.



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