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What the San Antonio Spurs Have to do for the 2019-2020 NBA Season

Updated on June 23, 2019
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Mikey is a person who loves to talk about sports including basketball and his favorite team is the San Antonio Spurs.

How the Spurs will Succeed in the 2019-2020 NBA Season

If a lot of people enjoy this post, I will do a similar one with another NBA team!

If the San Antonio Spurs do these simple steps they could be a formidable playoff team/title contenders.

  • Keep the Aldridge/Derozan duo together

Last year, this ragtag Spurs team who many people did not think would even make the playoffs pushed the 2 seeded Denver Nuggets to a game seven...and lost. It is imparative that this duo stays together this year, do not trade them. Even though LaMarcus is 33 years old and DeMar is 29, they are still playing at a great level. I'm not sure is Alrdidge would resign with San Antonio after this year, but if they make a deep run, his opinion could change. DeMar is an all star caliber player and can do basically anything except shoot 3s, so they could keep him as Aldridge's Robin.

  • Keep developing the young back court

The back court of Dejounte Murray/Derrick White is pure clamps, and that is great for this team. DeMar isn't the greatest defender in the world, and nor is LaMarcus, so hopefully this back court can even that out. This backcourt is similar to the New Orleans Pelicans in which Lonzo Ball/Jrue Holiday aren't really offensive superstars, but are pure clamps on the defensive side.

  • Bring in bench pieces

Aside from Rudy Gay, Patty Mills, and Marco Belenilli, the Spurs bench was very thin this season. Bring in quality players who can play, so Aldridge and DeRozan get more resting time. Maybe if they even are trying to go out in a limb, try reeling in somebody like Malcolm Brogdon, or Robin Lopez to help solidify that 2nd unit.

  • Team Chemistry is a priority

In all championship teams, chemistry is what keeps them all together....and winning. We have seen in before when Tim Duncan was here and Pop ran a system it just works. If they continue this, and everyone is happy and content with the roles that they are given, Spurs could be a title contender.

  • Let Tim Duncan coach

Ok, this one seems like a stretch but all I am saying is if Duncan comes back somehow on Pop's staff, he will tell them what is needed to have a championship mentality. Plus, the main reason Aldridge left the Portland Trail Blazers was because he wanted to learn under Tim Duncan. So, why not bring Timmy back, teach Aldridge how to lead better and then they go and get a chip.

This was a shorter article then usual but the Spurs don't really have to do much to become title contender and succeed in the 2019-2020 NBA season!

© 2019 Mikey Karlovsky


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