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When It Reigns, It Bores.

Updated on April 21, 2016


1.said suddenly to surprise someone."“Boo!” she cried, jumping up to frighten him"
2.said to show disapproval or contempt, especially at a performance or athletic contest.

In a way, Roman Reigns is associated with both definitions of the word, Boo. On one hand, boos are all you hear whenever Roman Reigns is shown on TV at home, in arenas around the world, or in my nightmares. Unlike the divided "Let's Go Cena!/Cena Sucks!" chants that have followed 15 time WWE Champion, John Cena, Roman Reigns faces a seemingly insurmountable tsunami (or... Boonami) every time he's seen by the WWE universe.
Oh, the other hand? It is suddenly surprising how much Vince McMahon and the creative team at WWE don't even pretend to care about what their audience wants.

Dear Vince McMahon... Junior.
The WWE Universe has been booing Roman Reigns since he won the Royal Rumble last year. They booed and booed and booed and last year, you listened. You had Seth Rollins scramble down the ramp, cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, and become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Your fans liked that, and the ratings reflected it.
You kept him hidden for a while, building him up in mid-card feuds with high profile jobbers like Bray Wyatt and the Big Show, before shoving right back down our throats again. He is on his third WWE World Heavyweight Championships reign in five months. That is absolutely ridiculous. You're trying to paint him as an underdog, and all you're doing is making us resent him more.
Vince, if you're reading this (he isn't), I need you to get this through your head.
No means no.
You can't force your weird bodybuilder fetish onto the WWE Universe.
It's not 1984 anymore.

Here's why the WWE Universe is STILL rejecting Roman Reigns.

He's not a great wrestler

This is excusable. It really is.
The fighting in WWE isn't real. I mean, the contact is real, and the consequences are real, but the fight itself isn't.
They tried real fighting once... it wasn't pretty.
A wrestling match with WWE is more like dancing than it is fighting, and that's fine, that's what we love.
Think of the most popular stars from the 90's, the golden age of wrestling.
Stone Cold didn't have an insanely diverse moveset.
The Rock wasn't climbing to the top rope for a 450 splash.
Golberg only had two moves!
But those guys still got over because their characters were cool.
This applies to the modern WWE.
John Cena is constantly mocked by the WWE Universe for his "Five Moves of Doom", but he was half of the last five star match the WWE had.
Brock Lesnar is remarkably over with the company, but his move set is incredibly limited.
The problem with Roman's matches is that they're a little too campy, and there's very little psychology.
Don't get me wrong, his match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 was perfect, and honestly, if he had just won it there, I think the fans would've come around a lot sooner than they will now.
The main event had a big fight feel, and Roman Reigns looked tough. He was being murdered by Brock Lesnar in the ring, and yet he kept coming back. He felt like a real underdog, and for the first time, the fans were genuinely sympathetic.
His other matches haven't been like that.
He either squashes guys or gets his ass kicked for most of the match before hitting the lamest comeback in WWE. It's obvious to everyone that Roman is going to win the match, therefore there is no suspense, and no need to become emotionally invested.
Seth Rollins might be able to beat Roman Reigns at some point. The same for John Cena. But outside of that, nobody thinks he can lose a regular match.
Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus? Please. Don't make me watch that.
Roman Reigns vs. Big Show? Riiiiiiiiight.
There's no psychology in a match where only one wrestler is being taken seriously, and therefore I'm not going to be invested in the outcome.

He's stiff on the microphone

This one is obvious. Fans love talkers, and Roman Reigns might be the worst in the company.
Think of the most popular stars in recent memory.
John Cena, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt.
What is one thing that all of these men have in common?
They're all exceptional with a microphone.
Roman Reigns just isn't convincing on a microphone, and maybe that isn't his fault. Maybe Vince McMahon hand-writes Roman's promos for him, maybe it's hard to take a guy seriously wearing a swat vest and howling in every match.
But the bottom line (because Stone Cold said so) is that nobody is people aren't going to start chanting along with the "I'm not a good guy, I'm not a bad guy, I'm just THE guy" nonsense.
A. Because he delivers it like day old pizza.
And B. Because we're all very, very aware of how true it is.

It's just frustrating.
It's sufferin' succotash, son.

He doesn't love wrestling

This is a really interesting revelation that fans are slowly beginning to have.
Every year, like clockwork, the WWE signs more and more of these hyper-popular "indy darlings", and regardless of the ridiculous gimmick they're given, they get over with the fans.
It's not because they love to do stupid indy matches full of high-spots.
It's not because they're smaller and easier to relate to physically.
And it's not because we like being contrarians because we're wrestling hipsters.

It's because these guys love wrestling.
They didn't fall back into wrestling because they were dishonorably discharged, couldn't play football, or had family ties. These guys wrestled for 25 bucks in a broken down rec hall in front of ten people, not just because they wanted to be in the WWE some day, but because they loved wrestling. They may have fallen in love with wrestling through the WWE, but they went out and fell in love with the carny lifestyle on the indies. Guys like Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins only ever wanted to be pro wrestlers. They traveled all over the world, barely making any money, just honing their craft and doing what they loved.

Roman Reigns wanted to be a pro football player so bad that when he couldn't make the main roster of the Jacksonville Jaguars or Minnesota Vikings, he went to the much maligned Canadian Football League. He stayed there for one year, making brief appearances on the field, before being released.

Once he realized he had no future in football, he waltzed into the WWE because nepotism is alive and well in this country. He sat in developmental, learning the basics of wrestling for a little over two years before being paired with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, heading out to the main roster. From the minute he set foot in a WWE building, he was being built up as the next big thing simply because of the way he looks and who he happens to be related to.

Fans love wrestling. They want their champion to love wrestling too. And not only has Roman come out and be very blase about wrestling, he's been rude and dismissive to it's fans.

He doesn't lose

I covered this earlier, but yeah... he doesn't lose.
Why the hell should I root for someone who doesn't need it?
I'm a Raiders fan, I'm not going to go out of my way to root for the New England Patriots.
Roman Reigns is only going to lose if there's interference.
And that's lame.
Does anyone remember that John Cena actually lost that match to Kurt Angle? The one where he debuted?
Remember that Undertaker lost to the GREAT KHALI?
Stone Cold lost all the time.
So did The Rock.
So did Triple H.
A winning streak does not a superstar make.
Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Dean Ambrose, and everyone else the WWE has gotten over in recent memory... have done so with a few nonsensical losses under their belt.

He's not believable

Okay, okay, really quickly...
Obviously, it's believable that he's a badass that could totally kick your face in. I certainly wouldn't want to run into him after he read this article, but let me explain.
Often, people will try to justify Reigns' inability on the mic and in the ring by comparing him to Brock Lesnar.
Lesnar also has a limited moveset and is so bad on the microphone that the master of managers, Paul E. Dangerously has to speak for him.
Here's the thing about that.
Brock Lesnar is a freak.
Brock Lesnar is 6'3, 286 pounds, and looks like a Titan from Attack On Titan. (or rather... the titan looks like him...)
He has legitimate championships with the NCAA and the UFC. He has actually beaten other giant men with his fists to the point that they no longer could fight anymore. Brock Lesnar is capable of so much more than suplexes and shoulder tucks (just maybe not a shooting star press).
Roman Reigns? I mean... he was teammates with Calvin "Megatron" Johnson... does that count for something?

We're contrarian internet wrestling smarks

If you go to Bonefish grille, you're probably hungry for some seafood or a steak, and if you've been there, the menu gives you plenty of delicious items.
But how would you feel if you went into Bonefish and asked for the filet mignon and they told you that you could only have the salmon?
You're sure that the salmon is probably fine, and in all reality, is probably better for you, but you came here for steak, and since this is the only show in town, you're kinda SOL if they don't let you have steak.
So you tell your waiter that "Hey, I really would rather have the filet", and they offer you steak fries to go with your salmon. You ask for the manager, and all he does is take away your steak fries.
You end up being stuck with a salmon that isn't cooked all the way, looks nothing like what you wanted, and can't wrestle for longer than ten minutes.
You probably wouldn't go to Bonefish anymore, would you?
In fact, you'd probably go home and write a rather nasty Yelp! review.
That's what this is.
This is me, explaining why I don't want the Salmon Reigns. I wouldn't mind the Lobster Rollins, Cesaro Scallops, the Chilean Cena Bass, or even the RVD Pork Chops.
Hell, at this point, I'd take a Randy Orton vs. Batista WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.


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    • Ryan Daniel Smith profile imageAUTHOR

      Ryan Smith 

      2 years ago

      Well the rumor is that Joe should be on the main roster at some point.

    • IsaiasPablo90 profile image


      2 years ago

      I completely agree, Roman Reigns sucks period. Tired of seeing fans promote him when other pro-wrestlers deserve it more than him. It doesn't matter how many moves you have, if you have no psychology - you aren't going to be very successful. WWE only picked Roman Reigns cuz they desperately need talents to boost ratings no matter how poor they are. They're already relying on their divas to keep their company up but that's going downhill. Roman Reigns has a limited moveset and a horrible finisher he should have done his research on. Roman Reigns is whack on the mic which gives me the impression he has no character and doesn't love the business. We need more new school wrestlers i can respect like Samoa Joe, Abyss, Jeff Hardy, etc.


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