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Where Is The NCAA On The Penn State Pedophilia Tragedy...

Updated on November 21, 2011

Where Is The NCAA On The Penn State Pedophilia Tragedy...

I am not here at this juncture to handicap the child sexual abuse case now moving through the Pennsylvania Court system, but I am dumbfounded that The National Collegiate Athletic Association (here-in-after NCAA) has not had its say, as has been its wont when kids, normally from minority enclaves, are found to have taken baubles and the like from boosters and recruiters. The Ohio State and USC, two renowned football college programs, are currently on probation for, what amounts to slights compare to what is being alleged at Penn.

Many of the law and order folks at the NCAA, while making a lucrative living mostly off these black kids backs, are sonic boom silent when it comes to the alleged sexual abuse associated with Penn State football personnel. Normally, the NCAA would have convoked and made its judgment were it some kid who had taken money to keep his family afloat back in the ‘hood’ Perhaps, the NCAA is hands-off because, unlike the typical, bereft, minority kids that take money, those implicated in the Penn State growing scandal are powerful and the institution they represent has a stellar academic pedigree.

It is being reported that the foot ball program at Penn alone brought in some $70 million last year, yet there are many of us who are still feigning that college sports is solely about learning... incidentally, I must be careful not to paint with too broad a brush because I know that institutions like the Duke basket-ball program does graduate many of its student athletes - but that is a positive aberration. It is true too that Joe Paterno, the former coach of Penn, has done much vis-à-vis philanthropy, but those deeds cannot Baptize what is alleged to have happened, and, as of now, such inaction, looks like moral indolence of the worst kind. I laid this out to illustrate that the NCAA has ‘enough’ to at least weigh in on the Penn football program and levy some sort of punishment, as its wont. I have a feeling though that I will be waiting an eternity before the NCAA chime in because Paterno is a powerful man, but I am certain that the NCAA investigators are currently trolling through Black neighborhoods seeking to see what perks certain kids received to play a game that those same NCAA officials live a charmed life off.

I know I am probably being quixotic, but I hope in my life time to see the NCAA stop punishing athletes for receiving what amounts to benign little perks, which are the results of these athletes skills or at least to be pro-active with the Penn folks like how the NCAA is with the student athletes who are escaping from mostly crime-ridden enclaves. You may say, well, the kids on the Penn football team should not be punished for the alleged acts of an assistant coach or the alleged silent omission of those in authority - so too are the innocent kids at USC and The Ohio State. For the sake of appearance, the NCAA must do something like postpone the Penn football scheduled games, because, if not, the NCAA runs the risk of having the appearance of biased enforcement of its rules and placing football revenues over the welfare of the alleged abuse children.


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    • Verily Prime profile imageAUTHOR

      Verily Prime 

      6 years ago from New York

      Hi Suzettenaples:

      So true about your statements above in light of how fast the NCAA intervenes in matters of less import, at least from my vantage point.

    • suzettenaples profile image

      Suzette Walker 

      6 years ago from Taos, NM

      Love your Hub an agree with it wholeheartedly! Yes, where is the NCAA - they should be speaking out on this matter and doing something to issue consequences to the Penn State football program. Yes, they are there to hand out the consequences to students and programs who break the recruiting rules and student athlete rules, but where are they in the most egregious wrong doing ever in a college football program?


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