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Where To Get Dry Ice

Updated on January 14, 2011

Dry ice can be used in many different ways.  It can be used for food preservation, cosmetology and in a whole lot of recreational ways.  Campers use it when they need to keep the food they packed cold.  Or keep meet cold when it is being shipped from the farm.  It also is used to preserve samples in lab experiments.  In cosmetology, it is used to freeze off warts or any other unwanted thing on the body that can be frozen off.  And if you want to make you party really awesome, instead of buying a fog machine, get a whole lot of dry ice.  It is used in many entertainment events.  It can always add this eerie feeling nothing else can give.

So Where Can I Buy It?

It depends on where you live.  Some countries have it in your local supermarket, or local superstore.  But it may not be that easy t get in some other countries.  You will have to do some research.  But you can start a few places. Make some calls and check to see if they have it.  It should be available somewhere near you, especially if you live in a decent sized city or town.  It's not an unpopular item for customers, because it is actually used a lot.

Places To Check

1. Your local grocery store may have it.  It may be stored at the cashier, or in the frozen section.  It's not something you can just grab off the shelf because it is a product that needs to be maintained.

2.  Check your local party store.  If they have fog machines, they may have dry ice as well.  Party stores are suppliers that have stuff you use for parties.  Pretty self explanatory, but these are another good bet to find some dry ice.

3.  You local superstore.  Those giants like Wal-Mart or Target have be said to have some.  You have to ask someone to get it for you and you have to know where to go.  Calling them first would be good.

4.  Search your phonebook.  Yes, those things still exist.  If you don't have one, check on Google, since they have phone listings you can find in the search.  You should be able to find an actual retailer that deals with dry ice.  These business will usually sell other random outdoor stuff. 

5. Ask around.  Chances are someone you know have boughten dry ice, or knows a place.  It can bring up an interesting conversation because they will always want to know why you want to buy some.


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