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Which Commercial Do You Like the Best?

Updated on August 28, 2023
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An extreme sports enthusiast who enjoys snorkeling, racquetball, hiking, and rock climbing, Kenna shares a passion for adventure.

Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl commercials are as popular as the Super Bowl game. Each year the attraction sets another record for the most-watched television show in the U.S. ever. People watched the game because their friends and family watch it, their favorite team is playing, they like football, or they like the commercials. The commercials draw viewers as a reason to watch the game with bathroom breaks on hold.

With that said, let's take a look at some Super Bowl ads with Hollywood movies in mind. Don't worry if you were in the bathroom when one of these aired because you can see them now in their entirety.

"I went to school for marketing and advertising, so I have a special interest in good and funny commercials and why they work and why they're funny - which is one of the reasons I, like many people, like watching the Super Bowl, besides the game.”

— Kevin Nealon, Actor from SNL

"Alita: Battle Angel" Pre-Game TV Spot

Alita: Battle Angel, directed by Robert Rodriguez and under the guidance of James Cameron, is a badass commercial for the pre-game kick. We see all the stellar stars Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connolly, and Mahershala Ali and the CGI effects. We have the added benefit of the commercial being entertaining.

"Wonder Park"

The commercial for Wonder Park is 30-seconds short, and the studio gets all the pertinent information across to the viewers. It is a fun commercial to watch, though the movie didn't fare that well in the theaters.

"Mama Mia! Here We Go, Again" - Super Bowl Ad

Mama Mia! Here We Go, Again Super Bowl TV spot was pretty long compared to other commercials, and it cost a pretty penny. I am sure the ladies like it more than the guys.

Make It Rain - "The Hurricane Heist" - Super Bowl Ad

This commercial fits hand in glove with the Super Bowl. The movie is intense, like the football game. But, The Hurricane Heist did poorly at the box office, so the financing of the commercial didn't pay off and draw the numbers.


Peter Berg directed Battleship, which launched from Hasbro's classic naval combat game. The movie stars several well-known and good-looking actors. It is nothing like the board game, and the commercial didn't spark the interest it should have.


The sci-fi movie called Life ran a commercial, and from this ad, it looked terrifying. The thriller is about a team of scientists aboard the International Space Station.

While on the mission, they discover an entity that draws their primal fear. It is rapidly evolving into a life form. They find out it caused the extinction on Mars and threatens the Space Station crew and all life on Earth.


Hugh Jackman is Logan, one of the former X-Men. He helps a mutant girl, who manifests claws like Logan. The commercial is fantastic and enticing.

"A Cure for Wellness"

A young executive suspects a wellness spa of not being so miraculous as they appear to be on the surface. He discovers terrifying secrets and diagnosed with the curious illness that holds all the guests at the spa.

The Super Bowl commercial seems unfitting for the game day because the movie is an awkward story.

"Transformers: The Last Knight"

Transformers franchise ran a Super Bowl ad for The Last Knight. The commercial is short with a new actress as part of the continuing saga. The studios were selling the idea of another movie coming and hitting the young male demographics.

"Fast & Furious"

A short and sweet trailer from a franchise that has lasted a long time with the same director. Is this Super Bowl worthy?

Marvel's "Avengers"

"I still believe in heroes" is the best way to put it when I see this commercial. The movie looks good. I am not sure if the Super Bowl commercial did it any good because Disney shotgun marketing works on each Avenger movie.

Disney's "John Carter"

I applaud Disney for broadcasting a 60-second commercial for John Carter. The classic story is visually entertaining.

John Carter

That Was Fun

Viewing Super Bowl ads away from the game is the best way to inspect and review the quality of the commercials. With some of these commercials, more than a year passed since we saw them on game day.

Viewing them now compared to then is the impact the same or different?

© 2012 Kenna McHugh


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