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Which Tennis Court Surfaces are Easiest on the Arm?

Updated on April 26, 2016
Hardcourt acrylic
Hardcourt acrylic | Source
Carpet surface
Carpet surface | Source
Wimbledon grass court
Wimbledon grass court | Source
England, University of Bath
England, University of Bath | Source
Jelena Jancovi
Jelena Jancovi | Source
Clay surface
Clay surface | Source
Justine Henin
Justine Henin | Source

If you never played tennis in your entire life you would still be able to tell the difference in the different levels and surfaces from court to court just by walking on them.

There are,however several different surfaces to choose from according to where you are in your game. The ease of your arm is calculated,first of all,by your training. When trained properly in the game of tennis you start out with what may be the easiest to learn on ,which would propably be the flat clay surface. When beginners are just learning it is all one can do to remember the movement of feet as to coordinating arms. Since arms are all inportant to the game in propelling the ball through and getting it over the net time and time again,we need to look at the all important aspects of surface comfort to the arm and formost the elbow.

Now,there are clay surfaces which come in different colors. These colors are also important to the stress of the game. Meaning how stressed out you are about your game is going to be a factor on how hard you are gripping your racket. Your sress will go all the way up your arm. So the color of a clay court plays a big role no matter if it is someones first lesson or a big tournament. Clay is smoother,makes it easier to manuever,stop short,change directions on a dime. Running is definately easier and stopping without sliding. Your arm,on the other hand will be better, as well, because your not having to concentrate on not falling down or tripping because of the surface.

Carpet courts need to be maintained or they simply cannot excist. Most of these are indoor courts unless,of course,they are element proof. In the 1800's Most tennis courts were wood which proved to be costly and required more maintanence than anyone had time to forward.

Acrylic set in courts are probably the best for arm,stamina,and physIcal well being. Distraction on the court is the biggest problem you will face. So being on a court with no grass,wood,plastic or other non-organic controlling substances is far easier on your arm for yur backhand.

Asphalt surfaces are good for some control if you are looking for economy but they need to be maintained even more as asphalt tends to break down from the elements rather quickly like on roadways,for example,you let a couple of cars keep rolling over the same surface and let a little rain fall and pretty soon you have a pothole you need to fill.This can be costly unless it is your own private court. Nevertheless,you would not want to stop everything for a couple of days to fill potholes.

Be that as it may,the easiest on the arm I would have to say would be that of the set in clay court surface,but with that in mind,the pros of the sport must adapt to the surfaces that they are given. This is part of their training. If you are trained properly you will know how to get around the inequality of the surface and know what you have to do to adapt. If your backhand is already trained well you will know what to do to make it easier on your arm.

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