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Who's Really Ruining the Game?

Updated on May 3, 2012

One of the biggest sports stories today lies in the NFL and the issues with keeping players safe from concussions. Everyone seems to be pointing the finger at Roger Goodell claiming that he's ruining the game. I see it a little bit differently.

The NFL draft was a joke this year. The actual draft itself was amazing with the shuffling of picks and trades, but the presentation and atmosphere was awful. Why? Because of immature and unruly fans. Every time the commissioner came out to give a pick, a loud chorus of boos came echoing down through Music City Hall. There's absolutely no excuse and no reason for this behavior. Goodell is put in a position to make decisions that will keep our beloved game intact for years to come. Everyone makes bad decisions at times, but this is not one of those times for Goodell. Fans say that he's ruining the game by handing down fines for illegal hits and penalizing the Saints for their bounty scandal. The truth is Goodell didn't have a choice in the matter with the Saints. A number of ex-NFL players are suing the league for not informing them of the severity concussions can cause later on in life. We're talking billions of dollars in law suits. So I ask you what option did the commissioner have? I've heard the argument that these bounties have been going on in the league for years and the Saints are being picked on. Goodell knows this has been going on. That's why the punishment had to be so harsh to ensure that it stops here. The Saints happened to be the team that got caught doing it so they have to be the example.

So who's really ruining the league? It's the players. Ex players that became famous and earned their living playing football are now trying to sue the very league that they played for. Nobody twisted these guys arms and made them play football. It was a choice. Everyone has a choice and they chose to play football. Jim McMahon is one of the ring leaders in these law suits, claiming the league didn't make him aware of the effects of concussions. If you watch NFL films, you can see this guy head butting his linemen on the sideline. Sorry Jimmy but you're not going to sue the league for something that you most likely caused on your own.


Concussions are a huge part of the game right now and they are very serious. Coaches in rocket football and pop warner are now being trained to test for concussions. There have been a number of rule changes in the game to prevent hits that can cause head trauma. But when it comes down to it, it's a choice that everyone has to play the game and if they choose to play, they know the risks that are involved. You can't sue Dunkin Donuts for making you obese because you ate a dozen donuts every morning. The league has a responsibility to make the game as safe as possible and the players have a choice to play.

Junior Seau tragically died from a gun shot wound to the chest, and early reports are that it was self inflicted. Of course, the media relates it to concussions right away. Over the course of Seau's career, he was never listed on the injury report for a concussion. Former Bear Dave Duerson took his life recently and left a note wanting his family to have doctors check his brain. Now this is a tragic story, but anyone that has the coherence to leave this type of note can't be that distraught mentally from injuries. There were some other issues going on with this guy.

Maybe concussions did lead to some of these guys taking their own lives. We don't know that. We didn't have the experience or knowledge to test for these illnesses at the time Duerson and McMahon played. You have to give Commissioner Goodell and the league credit for recognizing these issues and addressing them with rule changes and fines and suspensions. When it comes down to it, he doesn't have a choice. If he lets someone get away with putting bounties on players and physically hurting someone intentionally, that player hurt is going to turn around and sue the league. It's puts him in a very difficult position. Football is a physical sport and guys are going to get hurt, but players know the difference in playing the game and someone getting hurt or someone going out to assault someone. I can only hope that these ex players don't compromise the game that we love and that football will remain the sport that it is today.


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    • Miller2232 profile image

      Sinclair Miller III 

      5 years ago from Florida

      I would rank David Stern and Roger Goodell #1 & #2 as two jokes of a commissioner. Jonathan Vilma still has his own lawsuit against Goodell for defamation of character. If Goodell is smart, he better settle with Vilma.

    • prasadjain profile image


      5 years ago from Tumkur

      Very analytical

    • Bigpayno profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      You make good points but you have to realize most of the players that don't like the rules Goodell is putting in place are defensive players. They are being limited to what they can do and they don't like it. These serious injuries occur when guys are throwing themselves head first into a defenseless player. I live in Indy so I'll use Austin Collie as an example. Nearly all of his concussions he sustained were illegal hits and the player was fined. Of course these players aren't going to like these rules. The bottom line is it's a violent sport and there are going to be injuries. The NFL is making strides on protecting players and treating them appropriately when they have concussion like symptoms. Ex-players are trying to sue the league for not using medical technology that didn't exist when they were playing. It's a ludicrous case in my opinion.

    • Jeremyd profile image

      Jeremy Drier 

      5 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Im not going to try to make an argument that concussions arent a serious issue. Of course they are. But in my opinion most of the problems with older players having mental health issues or looking punch drink in old age, stems from playing through the concussion. Or simply not knowing they had one and going back out there. I agree with all of the NFL legislation for safety once a player has shown symptoms. But helmet technology gets better every year. Even without the overcompensation rules in play now players are far less likely to sustain serious injury. The legislation Goodell has put in place during play for player safety is ridiculous. I could use the same work for the way he carries himself. Like a kid with an ant farm. When almost unanimously the players, (Not name Tom Brady) who the rules are designed to protect, think they are silly. There is a problem.

    • FreddyCaple profile image


      5 years ago from Louisville, Ky

      A hazard of any job, especially a physical one is that an injury can occur. Sometimes they are bad and can affect a person for the rest of their life. Anyone who takes a demanding job knows this. Appreciate the hub. I write a lot about NFL football, take a look at my hubs some time!


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