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Why Conor Mcgregor Will Come out of Retirement

Updated on July 8, 2020
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UFC 189 World Tour Aldo vs. McGregor
UFC 189 World Tour Aldo vs. McGregor | Source

Conor Mcgregor Retires?

Conor Mcgregor recently announced that he’s retiring. For the 3rd time! (if you count the first break).

From that excellent Cowboy performance to retiring once again? What happened to the 3 fight deal?

Well, if you haven’t noticed, the whole world’s on lockdown. It’s understandable actually why Conor wants to retire.

To sit around and fight someone else (and missing the opportunity to fight Gaethje) is something that Conor wouldn’t feel right.

He could fight Dustin Poirier again or even fight Tony Ferguson but Conor’s not that type of guy. If he wants to go big, he’ll make it big! He made his point when he beat Cowboy back in UFC 246! He can still do it!

But to do it in the midst of Corona with no fans in attendance, I wouldn’t be surprised why Conor asks for retirement now.

So let's delve deep into why Conor McGregor will come out of retirement!

Conor’s Downfall And Comeback

As a fan of the sport, I’m a bit proud and ashamed that I knew UFC from Conor like most of you probably do. I must admit that I never watched his fights before he fought Floyd and I always thought he was untouchable like all his believers were then… Call me casual but I’m not shy to say it.

Conor lost to Floyd. It’s inevitable in the end. That moment made Conor lose his air of invincibility like when Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson back in 1990. It was gut-wrenching.

As a Conor fan back then, everything I knew about Conor just slipped away. For the next following years, I started to follow other fighters such as Tony Ferguson, Kamaru Usman, Adesanya and also Khabib.

Khabib & UFC 229

I was never a big fan of Khabib but man is he a beast! Watching him pound the ever-living soul out of his opponent is just scary to watch. When he captured that title, he well deserved it!

Then there was the incident where He was supposed to fight Tony for the 4th time at UFC 223, Conor was well beyond my mind but then Tony tripped!

It felt devastating but wait… Max Holloway steps in to face Khabib for the title. They were close to fighting when the Notorious rushes to save the day, by throwing a dolly at a bus!

Conor's Mugshot
Conor's Mugshot | Source

As a fan, I’ve never felt so ashamed for a celebrity I've idolized in all my life. That was embarrassing. But of course, I still believed in the man. I mean, that was the man that did magical things back in the days!

A few weeks after Conor’s taken to court and fined for his action, the fight was announced that Conor’s going to fight Khabib in UFC 229. I don’t know about you, but I actually thought he can pull it off (how stupid of me to think that).

To say that the promotion for that event was bad for the company, it was atrocious with Conor being drunk at the press conference. I didn’t think much of it back then, I thought it was entertaining but it was still extremely harsh, especially for Khabib who took that personally.

So then UFC 229 came and… let's just say he got smashed pretty badly. I felt stupid for believing in him back then when the signs were clearly right in front of me. He’s not going to win against Khabib (at least, back then).


He was humbled once again. Then the hiatus came as he announced his retirement from the sport. It felt wrong for all of us fans who still believed in him until the controversies happened.

The sexual assault allegations and him punching the old man in the pub was just terrible and made a bad lasting impression on many of his fans. Many stop believing, few stay. I stayed with my fingers crossed.

I remembered people teased me back in school because I was still a fan of McGregor, and I still am. I’m not going to jump another bandwagon just because he lost. There’s still a chance, but it was almost slim to none and I was aware of that.

It felt dark for the following months until he announced that he was going to come back. That was relieving for me and others who believed, but also the haters are quick to burn him with all the UFC 229 memes. Don’t get me wrong, they were funny though.

The following lead up was nothing short of endless anticipation. Will he be the old Conor? Who’s his opponent? When will it be?

Let's Talk About UFC 246

The UFC announced that he was going to fight in Welterweight against Cowboy. Welterweight! Last time Conor fought at Welterweight was his razor-close second fight with Nate Diaz. I mean, Cowboy’s huge for god sake!

But Conor being Conor, he believed in himself. Many doubt him, even me. I mean, you’d doubt what he could do after 2 straight losses in a row. But then, the press conference happened. What was supposed to be a battle of words turned into a pretty humbling sight?

Conor isn't Cowboy or anyone. He was respectful. This throws many people off-balance, from the fans to the haters. What’s he going to do next?

Then UFC 246 happened, all of us sat in front of our screens, waiting for the main event to start. Conor and Cerrone made their way to the octagon. You could hear the whole arena chanting loudly even from the screen.

Then the bell rings and what seems to be a dream, Conor beat him in 1 round! As the Conor fan who still stayed even after all the bad things that he’s done, that was relieving! I was thrilled! This was the first time I saw Conor win live! It made me believe again.

Just like that, every single one of my friends and almost half the haters state that they always believed. It was weird don’t get me wrong but it was exciting to watch the old improved Conor back but then… COVID happened.

Everything seems to stop for a while with the increasing spread. The UFC slowly started to make a crowd less event and it worked successfully with UFC 249. But then, the news broke that Conor’s retiring. It just doesn’t seem right and it’s not. It’s just a matter of time that he’s going to come back.

Do You Think He's Coming Back

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Why Conor's Going To Come Back

There is no way the biggest name in MMA is going to retire like that. Without a crowd, all the attention that Conor gets, retiring in the midst of a pandemic just seems worthless. You can be the best in your field but if nobody knows/acknowledges it, it doesn’t mean anything.

There are many reasons why he might be done for good such as:

  • He’s already a family man with children to take care of.
  • He’s made millions of dollars, it’s hard to bounce back to the top when your first sole motivation is finally fulfilled.
  • John Kavanagh saying that Conor seems to be retiring for good now.

It’s uncertain. Maybe he really retired or maybe he’s just waiting for a time to strike. Except for the whole tweet about Khabib’s dad (may he rest in peace). That was seriously stupid.

The biggest name in the sport is not going to retire like this. It’s just too pathetic (or maybe he’s fallen to that side). But until we see Khabib Vs Gaethje happen, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Conor Mcgregor might be one of the most polarizing sports figures in history but it's undeniable that he’s got the skills to back it up.

Him retiring in the midst of a pandemic just seems too pathetic to everyone, especially right after UFC 250.

Probably he’s just gaining traction? Maybe he’s done for good? Only time will tell.

It’s all up to the man himself but if I could make a prediction: He’ll fight at the end of the year. Hopefully.

The Old Conor We Know
The Old Conor We Know | Source

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