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Why Every Cyclist Should Own a Prodigy Album For Indoor Cycling Workouts

Updated on February 5, 2013
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Liam Hallam is a sports science graduate. A keen cyclist, runner, and obstacle racer, he ran his first ultra-marathon in 2016.

Music for the Jilted Generation of Turbo Training

It pretty challenging to classify the music of The Prodigy under a set genre. Whether you call itelectronic dance music it fuses elements of rave, hardcore techno, breakbeat, big beat, punk rock,

The Prodigy have managed to fuse together a huge number's of influences to create what many would consider high energy, aggressive and power music which has inspired many a cyclist's Turbo Trainer indoor cycling workouts.

The Experience Album Cover

The original album cover for Experience by The Prodigy.
The original album cover for Experience by The Prodigy.

Prodigy Discography- what you should own!

As a cyclist you should own at least one of these albums or have them all on their Ipod

Part 1: The Prodigy Experience (1992) for cycling workouts

The first album from The Prodigy dates back to 1992 which is hard to believe as I was only 9 years old at the time however the music still sounds just as good as it did then. The early 90's in the UK were a big time for Brittish 'Rave' music and Experience became a critically acclaimed album in the UK without success abroad.

The Prodigy were early exponents of the Acid House music scene however quickly moved onwards and upwards from a scene associated with raving.

The Ultimate Leg Speed Track for Indoor Cycling

Out Of Space


Great Indoor Cycling Tracks from the Experience album

While the videos may now be dated the music is still just as poignant. The rave and acid house influences of the time created dance music that is extremely powerful and motivating however also coincided at the time with a dance music scene in the UK that was dogged by problems with drugs which The Prodigy had to creat some distance for themselves from.

The Ultimate Leg Speed Indoor Cycling Workout Track- No Good (Start The Dance)

If you listen to the track (YouTube video to the right) listen out for the sheer speed of the beat- imagine trying to pedal at the same cadence. The raw energy of No Good (Start The Dance) helps to push your leg speed upwards whilst making your workout environment feel like you're at a rave in an abandoned desolate warehouse.

Out Of Space - Keep those legs spinning for interval workouts

While maintaining the ultra fast beat Out Of Space fuses the speed with slower beat break downs that build and build up to high energy that will help build extra intensity into your interval workouts. Plus any track that samples the legendary Bob Marley has to be pure quality.

Charly - says always tell your mummy before you're going somewhere as your legs keep spinning.

The debut single from The Prodigy sampled a BBC public information film about saying no to strangers and has become a cult classic due to the vocal sample. At the time a leading Brittish Dance Music Magazine heavily criticised that The Prodigy were destroying rave music and that Liam Howlett would "always be remembered as the boy with the toy cat". The vocal is actually from Kenny Everett.

The track will keep your legs spinning at a high rate.

Everybody In The Place - those legs are still spinning!

Another high energy track to use for leg speed training and this is The Prodigy at their very best with a more techno orientated beat for pure acidic synth. This song makes you think like you're on a rollercoaster at the fair. And your legs will be spinning like you're on the the waltzer.

Have a listen and you'll hear why this has to be one of the ultimate spin cycling tracks.

Everybody in the place- Pure Prodigy genius

Buy The Prodigy Experience at Amazon


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