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Why You Should Use A "ChatterBait" Over A "SpinnerBait"

Updated on March 31, 2013
Zman Chatterbait
Zman Chatterbait

What is a ChatterBait?

The original ChatterBait (Designed by Zman) is essentially a jig-head, with a unique hex-shapted "blade" that pivots violently back and forth when reeled, producing both noise and vibration as it's reeled. The "blade" is generally silver/chrome in color, so it also provides the "flash" anglers are looking for.

Unique Advantages

The "ChatterBait" is an amazing bait, with many unique advantages. It's designed to swim erratically, mimicing wounded prey, creating a very very enticing action that drives bass crazy. This bait used with a stop-and-go retrieve is absoutely dynamite...

Its Unique Profile Makes It 3 Baits In 1

The "ChatterBait" has the profile of a jig, the flash of a spinnerbait, and can be retrieved like a crankbait - making it a very versatile bait in your tacklebox. It's slimmer profile allows it to be fished in ways and in places that a spinnerbait simply can't go. The blade also serves like a weedguard, deflecting debris, and preventing snags on weeds and brush. Its "jig" design and silicon skirt, allow it to be fished exactly like that of a jig, bouncing it off the bottom - but with the added benefit of flash and vibration. When retrieved steadily, the bait acts like a "crankbait," and a "rattlebait" as it pushes a good amount of water from it's path, moving thru the water profile. I can't name any other lure in my tacklebox, that can be fished in so many different ways...

Easy To Cast

Unlike a spinnerbait, with it's wide wire frame - the chatterbait with it's jig profile is easy to cast. It's slim profile means it casts like a bullet, even in the wind - and anyone knows that spinnerbait fishing in the wind can be brutal, as the baits bulky frame often acts like "windsock" of sorts. The wire frame with metal blades, along with the lead head on a spinnerbait, also means that there is weight all over the body of the bait (and not equally distributed). The chatterbait is a weight-forward design, which means when you cast, the weight will always lead and therefore give you greater casting distance.

Its Variety Of Sizes Make It Great For All Species

This bait is available in a variety of sizes - making it an excellent choice for all species I've seen the chaterbait in weights as little as 1/8 and up to 2 full ounces. That means this bait is perfect for panfish, and/or ocean stripers! Again, truly a versatile bait....


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