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Why I dislike Hunting

Updated on July 10, 2016

In many occasions, I have heard about people who live off as professional hunters and those who take hunting as their fun activity or hobby. However, though I have never been exposed to the trade and how it is carried out, my father was himself a hunter and on various occasions he could bring different types of game at our home as food. Among these were the deer, hare, buffalo, and other types of game. Nonetheless, I was duly opposed to this activity since it involved brutal and unnecessary killing of animals, thus destabilizing the eco-system. I am also concerned on the dwindling number of wild animals that has resulted from many years of consisted and illegal hunting. What is more, in the event that hunters miss their targets, the victimized animals are left reeling in pain as a result of injury, while others are orphaned. Additionally, there is a possibility of devastating entire animal communities as can be seen in the case of elephant and rhino poaching in Africa and other parts of the world if there are no measures to stop this.

When animals are subjected to painful and prolonged deaths, it is a violation of international animal rights. Redclift stresses that regardless of how animals can be perceived; humans have a moral obligation of protecting their rights (26-30). This owes to the fact that similar to humans, animals too have a moral, mental and social lives and senses. The way most hunters carry their activities is apparently abusive and result into torture of these animals. Consequently, the outcome will be an interference of the ecosystem which will also directly and indirectly affect man’s survival. I would therefore propose elimination of all forms of hunting as a way of protecting animal rights.


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