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Why It's Important To Stretch Before Working Out

Updated on July 20, 2012

Stretching Before Weight Lifting and Tedious Exercise

This article is another bodybuilding and weight lifting article that I am writing, and it contains crucial advice that I hope you never have to learn the hard way. That crucial advice is that "it is important to stretch or warm up before you really start working out in the gym". Additionally, it is really important to make sure that you are well hydrated and well nourished when doing powerlifting or any other strenuous strength training exercises.

I learned this the hard way at the gym recently, and I ended up feeling some pain and tension in one of the ligaments next to my pectoral muscle and my shoulder. I knew what caused it right when it happened, and I only hope that I did not seriously injure a muscle, strain a muscle or Sprain a ligament in that area of my muscle. I'll tell you what I did and you will see why it is really important to stretch and warm up before lifting weights in the gym.

What Can Happen When You Don't Stretch Before Working Out

When I learned this lesson the hard way, I walked right into the gym after having a pre-workout supplement that helps me maintain my endurance. I went straight to the pectoral machine and chose a weight that wasn't that close to my maximum weight, but it was close enough. I did 120 lbs, which is about 30% less than my MAX. After about 6 reps, I suddenly felt a pain that felt like a rubber band on on the verge of snapping, the feeling was coming from my armpit, but between my pectoral muscle and my arm pit area.

As I felt the pain, I immediately left the machine and started working out other muscles in order to avoid overtraining. As I continued to workout, I was noticing that the pain was slight but it still exists. At this point, I decided to completely avoid pectoral chest exercises for the day in order to avoid an overtraining injury. My shoulder muscles definitely seemed vulnerable to injury, and I was feeling the pain.

After finishing a workout, I decided to visit my nearby physical trainer who has an office within the weight room facility and I told him what I was feeling. The first thing he asked me was, did you stretch that muscle before you worked out? Of course my answer was no, but there was another mistake that I made. I did not start with a weight that was well below my max weight, which left me prone to injury. Luckily, I am using protein powders and weight lifting supplements that will help to heal my strained muscles as fast as possible as well as help me build muscle in the process. But for now, I should not be working out the muscles where I feel pain which means I need to adjust my workout routine.

I hope this was a helpful bodybuilding article that can help others avoid this type of mistake. For more bodybuilding articles, bodybuilding advice and recommended bodybuilding supplements. Remember that staying hydrated and proper nutrition is also extremely important when it comes to preventing injury, and a good way to ensure that you are getting enough nutrients and vitamins in you diet is to consider taking a muscle building supplement such as a protein powder or pre workout supplement, perhaps even a multi-vitamin.


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