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Why the Miz Should Defeat Bray Wyatt at TLC 2019

Updated on December 11, 2019

Now I know this title sounds a little iffy, but hear me out: The Miz needs to defeat Bray Wyatt at TLC. This isn't a typo and don't worry, if you keep reading then I will explain.

The Universal Champion is undefeated as The Fiend and has been made to look unstoppable, as he should be. He is unlike anything we've seen before and he picks his spots wisely.

The best part about The Fiend (in my opinion) is his "Funhouse Bray" split personality. This gives The Fiend a voice and an extra section of his character to interact with other superstars.

Bray has specifically mentioned "The Fiend never forgets", which directly correlates to his attacks focused on superstars Bray has had a history with. This includes Finn Balor, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins and most recently, Daniel Bryan. One would assume that The Fiend won't target you if there's no history (or you're not a legend, apparently) so The Miz shouldn't be on his radar for now... and that's where Funhouse Bray comes in...

Since The Fiend took Daniel Bryan under the ring and ripped out his hair, the leader of the "Yes Movement" hasn't reappeared. This has caught the attention of The Miz, who wants to get down to the bottom of this because "he cares". Bray Wyatt quickly made it known that the A-Lister is Wyatt's target, by bringing The Miz's family into the equation. He even photoshopped himself into a portrait of Miz's family.

This is an interesting callback to the old Wyatt Family. It could later be revealed that Bray is jealous of The Miz because he has a loving family who will never leave him... unlike Bray. He thought he had brothers he could count on, but Wyatt Family eventually disbanded piece by piece.

It was announced that The Miz will take on Bray Wyatt (specifically not The Fiend) at TLC in a non-title match. This is very important for two reasons: The Fiend wouldn't have to take a loss and the title isn't on the line.

This match shouldn't last more than five minutes, as Funhouse Bray should be made to look like a softie. Sure, he took out the former Intercontinental Champion backstage with a Sister Abigail, but that was when he had his guard down. Who knows what this battle will look like when both men are ready to go.

The Miz beating Bray here could open the door for the Universal Champion to get upset and call upon his "friend" to help him out, which would lead to a potential Fiend vs The Miz for the Universal Championship at Royal Rumble. Obviously The Fiend would obliterate the challenger in this match, and would give us a program to focus on until the eventual return of Daniel Bryan.

Who should win at TLC?

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Who knows what this means for the Wrestlemania plans for these three superstars. Plans change at the drop of a hat and fans can never be sure of what they really want to see.

To paraphrase Sting from back in WCW, the only thing that's for sure about The Fiend storyline is that nothing's for sure.


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