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What the Luck? The Fantasy Football League Closest to the Real Thing

Updated on September 16, 2017


It happens every year, the one person in your fantasy league that does not know a lick about football, wins the league or your first round running back tears his ACL the first play week 1.

What if there was a way to weed the lucky ones out. Make strategy and knowledge the main component of the game.

Feature running back injured? Now there is actually a "next year" available.

Sit back and enjoy what will be the evolution of fantasy football and get on board before anyone else.

In the upcoming article, I will be explaining my evolutionary league starting with the inauguration draft all the way to the rookie draft the next year.

Enjoy your read into the future of Fantasy Sports.


Inauguration Draft

The league starts off with an eighteen round standard snake draft. Every player drafted is signed to a three contract before the team can release, or resign him.

The contract price of each player is based on a fixed round by round salary. The buy in for the league is $150.

Round 1: $45 /yr
Round 2-3: $35 /yr
Round 4-6: $25 /yr
Round 7-10: $20 /yr
Round 11-15: $15 /yr
Round 16-18: $10 /yr

*A deposit of $150 is also needed the first year*

The question is, go for the older veterans to shine immediately or be a team builder going for all young players to lead your team. The choice is up to you.



In this league, the winnings is based upon the salary for every team. For an example, if every team has a salary of $150 in a twelve team league, the pot would be $1,800.

Other than the team payroll, the money spent on free agents during the weeks will also be put in the pot. The pot can raise one hundreds to two hundred dollars by years end.

Pay for your championship or build for it? The choice is yours.

In Season

As all of you owners already know, some players bust so hard that there is no point to keep them on your roster. If you decide to drop the player, you have to pay the salary for the rest of the season.

You can place a bid on a player in free agency every week. The team that bids the highest is rewarded the player. At the end of the season, the owner has the opportunity to resign him before the off season free agency occurs.

If a trade occurs between two teams, the player’s contract will carry with him. For example, if a player has two years left on his contract and is traded, the new owner of the player will have the player until the contract expires, at that time he can decide if he wants to resign him or not. Draft picks are also available to be traded.



Contract negotiations. Pay the big bucks or save your money for free agents?

Any player on the team can be resigned. If the players contract is expiring, the owner has to pay 15% more of the previous salary rounded to the neared dollar

Aaron Rodgers: $45 /yr for 3 years: $135 3 year contract
Aaron Rodgers Resigned: $52 /yr for 3 years: $156 3 year contract

Sometimes owners make wrong decisions on resigning players and waste money. If a player is resigned, 40% of the salary is guaranteed "pot money"

Ex. 1- Aaron Rodgers gets $52 /yr for 3 years and is cut after the first. The second and third year, the owner will still have to pay $11 into the league for the contract.

Every resigning that a team has is a three year contract. If a player retires, the next years salary does not have to be paid.

Can you afford that high priced franchise player that you have had for years?


Free Agency Period

There is a period where all team owners can bid on the available players in free agency. The owner that offers the most money is rewarded the player. The player is then subjected to the team for three years.

The money spent is on a per year basis.

Bid: $7. The contract is 3 year, $21 contract.

Just like resigning a player, 40% of the contract is guaranteed to the league.

Can you pick up the big available free agent?


Rookie Draft

Before each season, a three round rookie draft takes place. Due to teams losing on purpose to get a higher draft pick, a lottery system is used to decide the picks of the teams that did not make the playoffs. As for the playoff teams, it will be based on final ranking when the season ends.

The players that are drafted receive a "Rookie Contract" based on the round that they were drafted in. Each rookie is signed for three years at the fixed rookie round price

Round 1: $20/ yr for 3 years
Round 2: $12/ yr for 3 years
Round 3: $10/ yr for 3 years

40% of the contract is guaranteed to the league

There is not a roster maximum for a team so owners do not have to cut players to add their newly drafted rookies.

Will you waste your money on that bust or hit gold?



This is the way that a person can really feel like a general manager. You have total control. At the moment, sites do not have the capability of this highly technical league. I use an excel sheet that is updated weekly and posted to the league page for every owner to see. It will have roster, salaries, and total payroll on it.

You have not played fantasy football until you give this league a try. Can you be the next Jerry Jones?

Would you ever try this league?

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