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Why everybody hates Roman Reigns

Updated on January 27, 2015

You know the moment...

Someone's in the middle of the ring, cutting a pretty mean promo.
They're running they're mouth as fast as they can about how great they are or how they're going to win *insert belt here* at the *insert pay per view here* and how nobody in the WWE locker room, or perhaps the world can stop them.
Then, it hits.
A slow, heavy guitar riff pounds through the speaker, and fans get out their seats.
The camera slowly pans over the crowd until...
The crowd roars, his opponent grimaces, and then...
He picks up the microphone.
The crowd groans, people change the channel, and the man I call the "stuttering samoan" awkwardly stumbles through a poorly written promo.
This man is Roman Reigns.
And lately, the WWE universe haaaates this guy.
But why?
He's got a great look, everyone loved him with the Shield, and his spear is devastating!
Why don't people love this guy?

"Is he a bad guy? I mean, you know how wrestling is"
Eh, maybe once upon a time, but that's when he was his most popular!
Now he's arguably the biggest good guy in the whole company.

"Is he a bad guy in real life?"
Not that I can tell, but from everything I've seen outside of the kayfabe ring, he seems like a nice guy. Actually, I think he's got more charisma outside of the WWE that he has in the ring. I don't get it either.

So then what is it?
Why is that the majority of the WWE Universe has it out for this guy?

Oooh, what a push!

Let's be real, since the moment he was "Roman Leakee" in the developmental leagues, Vince McMahon has been grooming him to be "the next big thing" in the WWE.
And it's easy to see why, he looks like Hercules!
It doesn't hurt that he's cousins with the Rock, the WWE tag team champions, the Usos, Yokozuna, Rikishi, Umaga as well as the son of Siki and the brother of Rosey.
Depending on which story you believe, the Shield was originally supposed to be Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and former NXT star, Chris Hero, but Vince vetoed Hero and substituted Reigns.
Since then, he's been the definition of dominance.
His first appearance on the main roster was on November 18th, 2012 in the main event of Survivor Series, when he and the Shield destroyed Ryback and John Cena.
He went on to become tag team champions with Seth Rollins, and together they went undefeated until May of 2013.
For the rest of the time with the Shield, Ambrose and Rollins would look great, but never quite as good as Reigns.
Reigns would always be the one to hit the finisher and get the pin.
Reigns was the superstar in the ten man tag match of the 2013 Survivor Series match.
And even when they lost their handicap match against CM Punk, it was still Reigns and his spear on Ambrose were what actually ended the match.
The biggest part of the "crack in the shield" storyline was Ambrose being jealous of Reigns,
While Ambrose and Rollins were also bound to be main event superstars, Reigns was dubbed a blue chip prospect from the beginning.
Now lets look at what happened to all three members of the Shield post-breakup.

Ambrose? He's had plenty of awesome matches against Seth and Bray Wyatt, but he has yet to get a win, or make any progress towards a championship of any kind.

Rollins? He's had a great run, participating in several matches with Cena, Ambrose, and perhaps the greatest triple threat match of all time at the 2015 Royal Rumble, as well as becoming Mr. Money in the Bank, but he's often been handcuffed to the Authority. It's almost like there is an asterisk next to everything he's done.

But Reigns?
Since splitting from the Shield, he's been in the Money in the Bank championship ladder match, was in a championship match at Battleground, beat Randy Orton at Summerslam, and then, after returning from injury, he won the 2015 Royal Rumble, much to the chagrin of the fans.
He has won all 22 of his matches since returning at TLC, and is now looking to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31... The day before Brock's contract with WWE expires.
Yeah. So he's probably our next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

I mean, he did win the Slammy for Superstar of the Year despite missing a good chunk of 2014 and arguably having a less impressive year than say, Brock Lesnar or Seth Rollins.

It seems like Reigns is unstoppable! Except...

Super-Ce-Er, I mean Reigns.

Let's be real.
Kayfabe is a thing.
If you don't know what Kayfabe is, google it.
So maybe, being unstoppable is more a product of the company than the Superstar.
While he is physically impressive, he's not the most talented wrestler.
In fact, many people have started comparing him to John Cena for his limited moveset and being seemingly invincible.
When Reigns wrestles, it's true that you don't see a lot of diversity in his moveset.
You'll see a Samoan drop, a dropkick at an opponent draped over the bottom rope, a corny superman punch, and his devastating spear with a few basic moves sprinkled in.
Yeah, not quite the man of a thousand holds.

People don't like stale things.
It's a universal truth.
Not food, not drinks, and certainly not a television character.
But there are a few characters that don't really get stale.
Stone Cold's badass anti-hero.
The Rock's flashy arrogance.
Undertaker's... dead... guy...
But you know what's worse than that?
A character that changes constantly.
And that's what the WWE have been doing with Roman Reigns.
When he was with the Shield, he was the silent bad ass who did all his talking with his fist and shoulder.
Then he came out as the vengeful muscle who wanted nothing but to topple the Authority that ruined the Shield.
And slowly his character deteriorated into whatever he is now.
They're trying to keep him as that badass muscle while incorporating Cena's family friendly image and cartoony sense of humor.
There have been dozens of terrible, inconsistent promos which have not helped him get over with the WWE Universe.
How are we supposed to get behind him as "the guy" when his verbal ability is on par with the Great Khali?

The biggest comparison that people have made is that Roman is the next Cena.
Limited moveset.
Wins every match regardless of opposition.
And now this new cartoony character.
However, as weird as this sounds, I don't think he's quite good enough.

Not Yet.

I know I've been burying Reigns on here, but I want to make one thing perfectly clear.
If he can get his act together, he will be the face of the WWE.
If he can figure out who his character is, or maybe grab a manager, he'd basically be Brock Lesnar.
Yeah, you know what, for a UFC champion, Brock doesn't have a very complicated moveset.
If Brock can add a move or two and resolve that whole talking thing, he would be much more popular than Cena is now.
I honestly believe that.
The only reason that people are so hard on him now is because he is receiving a push reserved for monster heels and... Well, John Cena, despite not being ready, and certainly not being the best of the Shield.
When did people get behind Daniel Bryan?
When he got "buried" by the Authority.
When did people get behind CM Punk?
When his pipe bomb shook the entire sports entertainment world up.

People want adversity. People want danger. People want to be surprised.
I predicted Roman winning the damn Rumble before he even came back from injury.
He hasn't lost since 2014 for JR's sake.

And for the bottom line...

Roman Reigns will be a multi-time World Champion for the WWE.
It's true, it's only a matter of time, we may even see the first one at this year's Wrestlemania.
And for years to come, he might be the guy in the WWE.
...But it's a little soon, and until the WWE backs off and doesn't force everybody to make Roman look... What's the word... It's the opposite of weak. It starts with S... I can't think of it, well, as long as the WWE is trying to force the Universe to like Roman Reigns, they won't.
Let him build his push organically. Let him lose. Let him look weak.
And then let him begin his road to redemption, stealing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and all of our hearts.


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