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Why many people love the Miami Heat

Updated on June 8, 2011

The Miami is waxing hot this season as they booted up two very tough teams – their old nemesis Boston Celtics and the fast-rising and very young team Chicago Bulls – in the Playoffs. The Heat is one of the top favorites to win the crown this year and so far they are on the right track. They are living up to the expectations of many and hitherto they are leading in the 2011 NBA Championships against the tough Dallas Mavericks 2 games to 1 on their best-of-seven titular showdown.

Both teams are seeded second on their respective conference and they are all pumped up to collar the much coveted championship trophy at stake.

The Heat became an instant title contender and a fan favorite thanks to their new valuable acquisitions last preseason. The Heat netted superstar Lebron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers and then tabbed promising Chris Bosh from the Toronto Raptors to bolster its roster.

It is obvious that the Miami Heat is one of the well-loved teams now in the league. Here are the reasons why many people like and love the Miami Heat.

Being a title contender – Fans love teams that are capable of making it to the championships and as much as possible win the title at stake. Winning is everything in sports. More wins, more playoffs appearances and more championships mean more fans. And with more fans then are more commercials and more sponsorship. Besides people loves to go with the tides, a team that is winning is sure to have an enormous following.

Great teamwork – it is indeed difficult to have many superstars in a basketball squad, but the Heat still managed to pull through. Although it takes a lot of time to have chemistry and cohesion on a team, the Heat downplayed any selfish motives in the team instead leaned on the individual contributions of each of its players to realize their common objectives which is to have a winning record, make it through the playoffs, make it through the Finals and even win an NBA title.

Complete team with a savvy game– The resources the Heat enjoys now is indeed tremendous. They have a team that can make defensive stops and create spaces for its players to pile up points. The Heat team is good in transitions and it is capable of ripping through enemy defenders. Fans love and exhilarating moves en route to electrifying plays or a thunderous dunks.

LeBron James – Kobe Bryant stars didn’t shine this season and as a result the attention shifted to James. Whilst the Lakers crashed out of contention the Heat is the last team standing in the east and currently contending with the Dallas Mavericks for this year’s NBA championships. One of the greatest reasons why many love the Heat is having James since this explosive player already have a great following already. Yes, James boasts of a huge fan base all over the world and he doesn’t only bring winning traditions to the Heat, James also brought throng of followers to his new team. James moved out of his old team (the Cleveland Cavaliers), because he thought that he is not surrounded with players that are capable of helping him well in the playoffs. His first year of stay in Heat justified his notion. James is hungry for a championship ring, and if ever his Heat team wins the championships satiates James’ hunger, James popularity will even flourished and many fans will love him and the Heat.

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