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Why the Heat vs Spurs Rematch Would be Bad for NBA

Updated on May 30, 2014

There are four major sports leagues in America; the NFL, the NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball. Of all the leagues, the NBA has been the only league that has been nearly 100% predictable of who is going to be in the finals each year. All year, experts and average joe's around the water cooler have had the Heat and Spurs in the NBA Finals in June. I find this more of a detriment to the league. Allow me to explain.

The regular season is a long 82 game season that stretches over the course of half a year. But what is the purpose? Over half the teams in the league make the playoffs. Seeds four through eight don't even matter because you know they aren't going to do anything but "maybe" win a series. Where's the excitement in that? The NBA allows teams to build super trios and run the table every year. The Celtics did it when Garnett, Pierce, and Ray Allen were all in their prime. You knew every year that they were going to be a top seed and probably go to the Eastern Conference Finals. Now we have the Heat with LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh who dominate the league. Why should I watch these games if I know the outcome in advance?

Look at the playoffs and Super Bowl winners in the NFL over the past decade. Count up how many fifth and sixth seeds have won the Super Bowl. Giants and Steelers both accomplished this feat as a sixth seed. The Red Sox were written off last year in the beginning of the year in 2013, but look how they're season turned out. The Kings win the Stanley Cup as a sixth seed. Can you remember this even coming close to happening in the NBA?

LeBron, Lord of the Flop?
LeBron, Lord of the Flop? | Source

Sure, some will say I'm watching one of the greatest players of all time and I should just be happy I get to witness such a phenom. To that, I say, I don't really care. I actually think the media has made me hate LeBron James even more because everyone is always saying how great he is and making excuses for him when he doesn't play well. It's quite annoying to be honest.

Is he great? Yes. No question. But I don't need to hear about it even when he scores 7 points in a playoff game. Social media and the internet has given us 24 hour access to everyone and all of their opinions and comments. That's not a bad thing. It's giving me the ability to write this today. But it does give us "overkill" on certain stories and players. Colin Cowherd said it's amazing the people that we don't forgive, naming LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and Michael Vick. He also stated that race may play a part in this. I believe this to be highly inaccurate. People outside of the greater Cleveland area don't hate LeBron because of "The Decision". Everyone is over that. They hate him because he is all you hear about when you turn on the TV. There is a LeBron app on the Samsung phone...Really? This is a classic example of overkill. Tiger Woods has no personality and to be honest, is a jerk. That's why nobody likes him. It's not just because he cheated on his wife. He's the best golfer in the world, but he is not a likeable guy. Personally, I love Michael Vick and I know many people that do. He's turned his life around and has become a model teammate and member of society.

So after tonight, the Heat will most likely be heading to their third straight finals. I can't fathom anyone outside of Miami and over the age of 12 excited about this. There's no thrill and no suspense in the NBA. I don't know what the answer is to create more parody in the league. I just know that it's the only league that a sixth seed has zero chance of competing for a championship. Maybe allowing less teams to earn a playoff birth? This could solve part of the problem. I just find nothing to get excited about come playoff time because the outcome is almost predetermined. So I guess next week I'll settle for watching hockey playoffs while the Heat and Spurs play for yet another title in the NBA.


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      Robert Brand 3 years ago from Arkansas

      The Heat are heading to their 4th straight Finals