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Why women like Footy or AFL?

Updated on June 24, 2012
Nick Riewoldt, St Kilda
Nick Riewoldt, St Kilda | Source

Footy has been a part of Australian culture, especially Melbourne since the mid 18th century. It later spread to the other states and now is one of the biggest sports in Australia. AFL is a tough game and the uninitiated may find it to be a mindless battle of 18 players from each side battling for the Footy. In this post we take a look at some of the practical reasons why AFL has got a decent female fan base and why women like to watch Footy.

1) Footy runs in the family

Many women follow AFL because Footy often becomes the center of family outings and childhood memories. One could very well find a woman saying 'I follow the Pies because dad has been barracking for them ever since' or 'I barrack for the Bombers because my entire family is a Bombers supporter'.

2) Footy is a glamorous game

Like other sports, AFL is glamorized by the media. Readers outside Melbourne should try and visit the city during AFL Grand Final week to take a look at the hysteria and absorb the Footy fever that grips the city.

3) Footy or AFL is a part and parcel of the culture of Australia, especially Melbourne and the state of Victoria

Even for women who are not inclined towards sports, it is hard to ignore AFL because it is probably the single most talked about thing amongst men. After beer.

4) Footy players are hot

Many sports demand their players to be huge – Footy is not that. Footy players are lean, athletic and super toned. Combine that with a superstar status from the game, Footy players are known to be popular with the fairer sex. While that may not be the only reason why women like AFL, but it does add to attraction. If in doubt, all the girlies reading this can Google Nick Riewoldt, Ben Cousins, David Armitage, Nathan Brown, Lenny Hayes and Nick Maxwell.

5) Women watch footy as their partner's follow the game

In Melbourne and the rest of Victoria, there are few men who don't like to watch the Footy. Guess what their partners are going to do when this happens? Watch Footy, of course. And because men like to take control of the TV remotes, Footy may very well win over other TV programs. So for many women, Footy is an inevitable part of life.

6) Footy fever grips workplaces and offices

It is possible that many women start following AFL because they may have been drawin into Footy fever. AFL banter is omnipresent in almost all offices and workplaces in Victoria, especially Melbourne. Men will be found talking about their teams and heroes day in and day out. It may not be not surprising to hear things like 'Oh did you see Fevola's mark last night?' even at the start of an important meeting. Workplace conversations thrive on the game during Footy season.

7) AFL is a great game

For a lay person, AFL may seem similar to Rugby or American Football because of the shape of the football. However Footy is anything but that. AFL is a very fast paced game that requires agility, strength and a lot of stamina. Women who like sports love the adrenaline pumping pace of Footy.

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    • princesswithapen profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Haha, I won't disagree but that's not the only reason. Footy is a fast paced game which is a treat to watch.

      Thanks for the feedback, manthy. Much appreciated.


    • manthy profile image


      7 years ago from Alabama,USA

      Voted up & awesome

      I think women like it cause of all the guys LOL

      Good hub


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