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Why You Should Train for Multiple Attackers

Updated on January 21, 2016

Training for Multiple Attackers

Training with multiple attacker situations is an integral part of building a fighting mental game. In the ring, it is all about strategy. A fighting mental game lets you see and anticipate your opponent’s moves and keeps you sharp. Training with multiple attackers can help you stay sharp during your fight and sharpen your mental game.

Training for multiple attackers can sharpen your mental game.

The Effects of Multiple Attacker Training

When I wanted to complete my martial arts training, I sought out a studio, Fred Villari’s Shaolin Kempo, where multiple attacker scenarios were regularly incorporated into the training. I was fortunate enough to find some very skilled teachers who helped me, and after long hours of practice, I developed that sixth sense needed to survive this type of situation. I realized, even back then, that the regular incorporation of multiple attacker training was changing the way I approached fights.

I began to feel my mind was purposely slowing down during the practice sessions, where I was able to take in more information to assess my surroundings instead of my mind racing or shutting down. After practicing it for a while, it felt like a radar developed that kept me on high alert and my added senses kicked in. It feels like there is an orb around your aura that can sense when something is wrong and trouble is near. The same orb keeps you alert to the multiple attackers and you just know what is going on around you.

One must be able to feel what is going on within oneself in order to be able to develop these extra senses. The same goes for being in the ring. Having these added skills will only help you if you can calm your mind. With enough training and practice these added skills will become instinctive. If you stick with it, the benefits of learning these techniques are tremendous and life changing.

Training for multiple attackers will change the way you fight.

Multiple Attacker Training and Your Mental Game

Multiple attacker training is an integral part of developing an undefeatable mental game, and in servicing fighters in my sports psychology practice, multiple attacker training is an integral part of the program I have developed to help my clients develop an undefeatable mental game.

You have to learn how to fight on angles and be prepared to use multiple strikes simultaneously in order to survive. In the ring, having that extra sense of when and where attacks are coming from increases your advantage of countering your opponent’s moves and securing the win. By having this training it also increases your mental game. You are always alert and aware of the next strike and the angle you will need to counter it and turn it into your advantage. By increasing your senses you are developing your mental game further and your capacity to control your emotions when you need it the most.

Multiple Attacker Training Program Elements

Multiple attacker training is very specific type of training. Too many people claim to have the ability to defeat multiple attackers and in Hollywood everyone seems to be able to do it on a regular basis. Keep in mind, what you see in the movies isn’t real. They are staged, choreographed events.

Believe it or not, I have worked with fighters who don’t realize this. Don’t be fooled by false claims.

Here is a list of the elements you want to have in your multiple attacker training and what it takes to develop these skills:

  • Through meditation, developing an added sense of when something is not right.
  • Training with multiple people at different angels attacking you at once.
  • Working on you mental game so that you do not defeat yourself.
  • Understanding your limits.
  • Having the right team standing beside you, not in front or behind you.
  • Taking time to allow for growth, self-reflection, and healing.

Once you have this skill developed, it will be there for you always. Because of your training, these skills will kick in automatically. It takes many hours of practice in order to be able to shift into an auto mode and keep fighting when all things seem lost.

The right training program is essential.

Train with Multiple Attacker Situations to Help Your Mental Game

Too many times, I have seen fighters get clocked, blocked, or locked and completely lose their mental game, and then the fight is over. If you are experiencing this problem in the ring, getting real training with multiple attacker situations will keep your mind sharp in any fighting situation, awaken your senses, and keep your mental game going for the times you need it to be there for you. It brings on a sense of calmness and will help to overcome any issues that might have come up at the wrong time in the ring and caused a total shut down.

Multiple Attacker Training

Has your multiple attacker training made a difference in your training and mental game?

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  • Multiple attacker training can actually sharpen your mental game in competition.
  • Multiple attacker training should be obtained from a studio that regularly offers this type of training.
  • Multiple attacker training can sharpen your "sixth sense."

What are your experiences with multiple attacker training?

Have you had experience with multiple attacker training? If so, what were they?


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      Dr John OConnor PhD 21 months ago from Jonesville, VA

      Thanks Jasmeetk.

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      Jasmeet Kaur 22 months ago from India

      very well written..