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How great can Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose become?

Updated on February 24, 2012

Derrick Rose in action for the Bulls


I pose a question to you all, Will Derrick Rose ever be as great as everyone hopes him to be? Already at the young age of 23 Derrick Rose is a star, the youngest and reigning M.V.P and already 2 time all star. No question that he is a star and one of the best current players on this earth, but how great can he be?

For a start Derrick Rose is never going to be 6"6 or 6"7 like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James or Michael Jordan, in addition there will always be pressure on Rose to be "the next Jordan in Chicago" whether this bothers Rose is yet to be seen but there will always be that added pressure behind him, he is not going to never going to average 7-9 rebounds a game and I don't believe that he is going to average over 26 points a game, at least not season after season. In the NBA, the past players are judged so much on there stats and the number of titles they win. Rose I feel will most certainly win a title with the Chicago Bulls, whether that be 1,2 or 3? I'm not to sure but I cannot see it being more than that.

In order for more titles to be won in Chicago down the track, the Bulls need to do everything they can to accquire another star such as Dwight Howard for the Bulls to have a dynasty. If you look back at the great dynasties there has been 2 stars, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen for the Chicago Bulls 2 3-peats, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal for the Lakers 3-peat and possibly down the track Lebron James and Dwanye Wade for the Miami Heat. Aquirring Howard would also boost the Bulls chances of getting past in the Heat in the likely face off of the Eastern Conference finals. Injuries will play a big part in Rose's career, so far to date Rose has had minimal injuries and has not missed many games in his short career, but I feel as he gets older they will become more common for a couple of reasons: With his bash and crash style of getting to the basket he is likely to land in an awkward way a fair few times in his career and in addition to that players such as Dwight Howard are not afraid to commit hard fouls to Rose when he drives into the lane.

There are plently of things of course that Rose has going for him that could make him one of the greatest players ever and certainly the greatest point guard. First is his speed and explosiveness, when Derrick Rose fully commits to a drive in the lane there is not one player in the entire world that can stop him and he is only going to get better at it. Secondly is his perimeter shooting, there has already been a massive improvement in Derrick's outside shooting so far this season compared to last seasons, if he can make that outside shooting as good as MJ's and Kobe's then I cannot see anyone stopping Derrick Rose as he will be able to score at will. Thirdly is the youth currently in the Bulls team, the Chicago Bulls at the moment are arguably the best team in the NBA (whether they can get past the Miami Heat is still a question) but they are a championship calibre team and there roster is still young and improving, with players such as Loul Deng and Taj Gibson still on the rise this will help Rose lead the Bulls to multiple titles.

So will Derrick Rose be a great as we hope him to be? Not sure, only time will answer that question, he is a superstar already with all the talent and potential still ahead of him. If Derrick Rose manages to make full use of his talent and potential... that is quite a scary thought and I believe that all of us will feel sorry for other players who come up against him.


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    • Bludwiczak profile image


      6 years ago from Western New York

      I think that Rose will meet expectations, as he already has an MVP award and is leading the best team in the league. Playing for the Bulls will always lead to the media drawing unfair comparisons to Jordan, but I think he can live up to the pressure and win a championship

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Fantastic article on our man D.Rose! My favourite player, awesome to watch! He is great already so him getting even better is a bonus!


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