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Yes Girls Fish

Updated on April 8, 2021

Girls Fish

Girlsfish | Source

Don't assume Suzy doesn't want to fish!

by Terri Mackinnon

Girls have been given the opportunities to discover that the incredible outdoors that they had believed was just made for boys to play in was actually not. Now they could go out and enjoy some of the same activities that the boys had been able to enjoy. Who says hunting or fishing was just for boys? Well now we see females are participating in all forms of outdoors sports.

Today you will find many families sitting on the docks and shorelines sharing and creating memories as they fish together. It doesn't take hundreds of dollars of equipment or a boat for a family to be able to still find a pond or a stream a lake or a river that has a shoreline to sit on.

There are over 17 million female anglers that are licensed in the U.S alone. Each female also has a family member that at some point in her life taught her to love to go out and fish. What once use to be left up to the boys is now becoming a much sought after pass time for families.

The goal now is to get families to discover together and create memories. Companies are now focusing there marketing on the family and getting the attention of the entire family offering products for each family member,

It's now evident in the fishing world when you see television shows including women and children ... you know the world of fishing has changed. Bubba... move over.

The old boys club use to see them heading out to the waterways with a case of beer and fishing rods in hand, however that is now been replaced by with families sharing and enjoying the time together. This evolve has seen families spending quality time outdoors together.

It has also seen the major increase with licenses that were issued in excess of overr 17.8 Million issued to female anglers between the age of 16-65 in the U.S alone. Sporting manufacturers agree, the marketplace has changed and the shift began back in the late 90's. Women are now being taken seriously and products are now being developed for them and the difference of their size versus the typical male angler/hunter.

Today there is a great need for us to find ways of exchanging who we are and where we have come from with our children and families. Fishing allows us to create a new channel that opens up communications with each other.

A major problem today is mental health. It has become a number one problem in North America. Each one of us are now finding new stresses that the economy has placed on us inside and outside of the workplace. We have found ourselves now stressed due to overwork and over expectations.

But, there is a solution.

Hydrotherapy for the soul... a peaceful existance between us and nature. Harmony found with the sound of water and children laughing. Fishing offers all aspects of enjoyment for us to pursue.

It doesn't have to be complicated. Simple equipment at modest cost can offer a family a lifetime of memories and can be found at local big box stores . We are all willing to go out and spend 100.00 for a night at the movies, but the same amount would purchase the necessary supplies to fish and also get the proper licenses required for the adults. (Children under 16 and seniors do not require a license). With simple equipment a small water source like a pond, stream, river or sitting on a dock can offer a family a wonderful day of fun.

There are many reference materials available to use for techiques, tips, product info, videos etc. on the web today. Google provides us the necessary search engines to find any information that is required to make sure that you catch your share of fish. There is useful free information to make a more enjoyable day on the water.

My best tip -- I have taken out many children fishing (And adults) one of the most successful baits that I have found ...before you laugh, please try them... Gummy worms ... cut into 1/3rds. The cost of the bait for a bag 1.99-3.99. The bait can be hung on a regular J hook or a closed weedless hook (Best for children). You will have a wonderful day on the water and will catch fish.. or at least eat the bait :D Enjoy!

Yes! Girls Fish!!!


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