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Woodsball Paintball

Updated on July 13, 2011

Woodsball Paintball Information

Basic Information

    Woodsball paintball
can be referred to as many different things.  Some names include woods paintball , Hillball, Bushball, or even scenario paintball.  Woodsball paintball is very popular, and as the name implies, it is played in any natural setting.  Woodsball paintball and scenario paintball are closely related because in woodsball paintball people usually play a certain kind of scenario.  Also, due to the name, woodsball paintball is played in wooded areas.

    The playing field can vary in size but it is generally has big boundaries.  It really depends on where a person is playing woodsball paintball because the playing field might not even have boundaries at all, but it makes it easier if there are boundaries.

Levels of Play

Woodsball paintball is comprised of all types of levels ranging from basic recreational play to advanced play.  Most people that play on their own land or at a public field are probably considered under the basic recreational play because those people would be considered walk-ons.  This type of play also doesn’t require that much skill or strategy.  People usually are at this level to play the game and have fun.

    Advanced woodsball paintball play can be recognized by team coordination, extensive training, proper usage of equipment, and using defined team tactics.  These players are usually on a team that may be sponsored by a company or someone else.  These types of players are very good at the game and they know what they are doing.

Woodsball Paintball vs. Speedball

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