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World Cup 2014 Stadiums in Brazil

Updated on May 26, 2014

Only months away from the start of the 20th World Cup in Brazil. Every time there is a new edition of the World Cup we see a new construction of the stadiums that games will be played. I decided to share a little article that I wrote of all the stadiums of this edition of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. I will list all of the stadiums, location, seat capacity, and what games will be played at each stadiums. I also found a really interesting video that includes all the stadiums of the World Cup in a three minute video, it might be interesting for some readers to view the video at the end, hopefully everyone enjoys this article.

Venue Name: Estadio do Maracana

City: Rio de Janeiro


This is where the next World Cup Champion will be crowned, the newly renovated Maracana Stadium located in Rio de Janeiro. The stadium is currently holding the largest attendance to be ever recorded at a sporting event: 199,854 in 1950. A very interesting fact is that after the new construction the stadium will cover about 95% of the seating capacity.

Matches to be played during World Cup 2014:

Group F: Argentina- Bosnia- Herzegovina

Group B: Spain - Chile

Group H: Belgium - Russia

Group E: Ecuador - France

Quarter-Final : 1C-2D

Final: W61-W62

Venue Name: Arena de Sao Paulo

City: Sao Paulo

Capacity: 59,955

The newly build for the World Cup Arena Corinthians as everyone knows it in Brazil is another beauty and will be part of the opening match of the World Cup between Brazil and Croatia. The stadium is yet to be completed, and to be used for the first time. The completion date is said to be April 15, 2014.

Matches to be played during the World Cup:

Group A: Brazil - Croatia (Opening Match)

Group D: Uruguay - England

Group B: Netherlands - Chile

Group H: South Korea - Belgium

Round of 16: 1F - 2E

Semi-fanals: W59- W60

Venue Name: Mineirao

City: Belo Horizonte

Capacity: 56,091

After my research, I find it very interesting that this stadium is the second largest stadium in all of Brazil, but by official FIFA World Cup 2014 statistics, the stadium has only 56,091 seats and that makes it the fourth largest stadium of the World Cup.

Matches to be played during World Cup 2014:

Group C: Columbia - Greece

Group H: Belgium - Algeria

Group F: Argentina - Iran

Group D: Costa Rica - England

Round of 16: 1A - 2B

Semi-Final: W57 - W58

Venue Name: Estado Nacional de Brasilia

City: Brasilia

Capacity: 65,702

One of the stadiums located in the capital of Brazil, a real beauty estadio Nacional de Brasilia is rated one of the most beautiful facilities of the world cup in 2014.The stadium is also known as Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha. The stadium was named after the very famous Brazilian national football player Garrincha. The stadium was built in 1974 and was recently renovated in 2013.

Matches to be played during the World Cup:

Group E: Switzerland - Ecuador

Group C: Columbia - Ivory Coast

Group A: Cameroon - Brazil

Group G: Portugal - Ghana

Round of 16: 1E - 2F

Quarter- Finals: W55 - W56

Third- Place: L61 - L62

Venue Name: Arena Castelao

City: Fortaleza

Capacity: 57,747

The stadium was originally built in 1973, and was recently renovated in 2013. The stadium max capacity is 67,000 seats and was recently expanded by 4,300 seats to fit more spectators during the World Cup in 2014. Arena Castelao was the first of the 12 stadiums to be completed and ready for the World Cup.

Matches to be played during the World Cup:

Group D: Uruguay - Costa Rica

Group A: Brazil - Mexico

Group G: Germany - Ghana

Group C: Greece - Ivory Coast

Round of 16: 1B - 2A

Quarter- Final: W49 - W50

Venue Name: Arena Fonte Nova

City: Salvador

Capacity: 49, 280

This stadium was specially built for the the FIFA 2013 Confederations Cup and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The maximum capacity recorded is 55,000 during the Confederations Cup in 2013. The stadium is also considered to be a part of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.

Matches to be played during the World Cup:

Group B: Spain - Netherlands

Group G: Germany - Portugal

Group E: Switzerland - France

Group F: Bosnia and Herzegovina - Iran

Round of 16: 1H - 2G

Quarter - Finals: W51 - W52

Venue Name: Estadio Beira - Rio

City: Porto Alegre

Capacity: 42,153

Porto Alegre will host a few of the matches of the coming up 2014 World Cup. the stadium pitch was voted as the top pitch in the current Brazilian Seria A. The stadium was first opened in 1969 and was currently renovated in 2013 for the 2014 World Cup. After the renovations the stadium will have the rights to host national and international matches.

Matches to be played during the World Cup:

Group E: France - Honduras

Group B: Australia - Netherlands

Group H: South Korea - Algeria

Group F: Nigeria - Argentina

Round of 16: 1G - 2H

Venue Name: Arena Pernambuco

City: Recife

Capacity: 40, 604

This another of the brand new multi purpose stadiums built specially for the World Cup. The arena broke ground in 2010, and was completed in may of 2013. Club Nautico Recife will play their home games at the stadium.

Matches to be played during the World Cup:

Group C: Ivory Coast - Japan

Group D: Italy - Costa Rica

Group A: Croatia - Mexico

Group G: USA - Germany

Round of 16: 1F - 2E

Venue Name : Arena de Amazonia

City: Manaus

Capacity: 39,573

Another one of the newly built stadiums for the World Cup 2014. Construction began in 2010 and the stadium is due to be completed in early 2014. Construction has been temporary stopped due to the two fatalities that occurred in the death of two of the workers of the site after they fell from the room of the stadium due to a broken cable. The maximum capacity is expected to be around 46,000 seats.

Matches to be played during the World Cup:

Group D: England - Italy

Group A: Cameroon - Croatia

Group G: USA - Portugal

Group E: Honduras - Switzerland

Venue Name: Arena Pantanal

City: Cuiaba

Capacity: 39,553

This is the second of the newly built stadiums for the World Cup, that has reached its completion and is expected to have a full capacity of 43,000 seats. This another beauty of the World Cup 2014.

Matches to be played during the World Cup:

Group B: Chile - Australia

Group H: Russia - South Korea

Group C: Japan - Columbia

Venue Name: Arena das Dunas

City: Natal

Capacity: 39,304

Arena das Dunas is considered to be "the most perfect stadium in South America". The newly built stadium that started construction in 2011, will have shopping center, hotels, restaurants, bars all built around it. The maximum capacity expected is 45,000 seats.

Mathest to be played during the World Cup:

Group A: Mexico - Cameroon

Group G: Ghana - USA

Group C: Japan - Greece

Group D: Italy - Uruguay

Venue Name: Arena da Baixada

City: Curitba

Capacity: 37,634

The stadium is considered to be the smallest by capacity stadium of the World Cup in Brazil. The stadium first opened in 1999, and was recently renovated in 2012. The capacity was extended to 40,000 seats from previously being only 28,000.

Matches to be played during the World Cup:

Group F: Iran - Nigeria

Group E: Honduras - Ecuador

Group B: Australia - Spain

Group H: Algeria - Russia

Video of all the Stadiums of the World Cup 2014


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