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World Cup Day 7: Spain Crash Out

Updated on June 19, 2014

Defending World and European Champions Spain were tonight on their way home from Brazil after only seven days and two matches. They do have one game left however the result of that will make no difference to the group result.

Just seven days ago at the start of the World Cup there was talk of Spain meeting Brazil in the final. By the end of day two people started thinking Spain could end up meeting Brazil in the second round after there unexpected 5-1 thrashing by Holland. Tonight Spain fans are in shock after a second defeat this time at the hands of a Chile team that put two goals passed I Casillas.

Spain's Results


This is not the first time that the defending champions have crashed out in the first round.

It happened to Italy last time out and France in 2002. Hosts Brazil crashed out in the first round of the 1966 World Cup after winning the previous two Tournaments.

I can only try to imagine what they players are feeling right now but it won't be good. The will feel bad for their country and their fans and that they let them down.

Why Did It Happen

Spain have won two European and one World cup in the passed 6 years. They have never managed to win the Confederations Cup which is held a year before the world cup in the host country.

They were one of the favorites to win the Cup and retain their title. This is due to them doing it with the European Cup. This put allot of pressure on the team and it is this pressure that will have contributed to their downfall. Other factors will have been the aging team. There were a few older players from the last time out. It could be that they are passed their best and so are not able to play as well as they did just two years ago.


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