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World Cup Football 2010, Will Germany display its usual ruthless efficiency

Updated on May 18, 2014
Enthusiastic German fans
Enthusiastic German fans

The World Cup football bug seems to have bitten me this year. The 2010 South African competition is still at the groups stage and excitement is rising. The contest so far has been a little lack lustre but this is quite usual in the early stages. None of the teams want to go out at this stage. Most seem to have been playing a cautious game and consequently this world cup has seen more games end in a draw than usual.

One team though has played to win right from the start.

My good hub friend Hello Hello is a lady of German origins, and so obviously supports the German team. As she shares her home with her England supporting son there will be some tense times to follow.

No such problem in my home.

Hubby is an out and out England supporter. Both he and I are from that generation that remember the England team's 1966 world cup win. England and Germany have a long standing football history and rivalry, going together like chalk and cheese.

Despite that, as of 17th June 2010, only Germany have shown any football flair and determination. They played to win in their first game and win they did. So let's try and look at the German football team, what their chances are in the world cup and why they remain a team to fear.

The Ultimate goal
The Ultimate goal


The German football teams are a loyal bunch but they do expect Germany to do well in such competitions as the World Cup. In Germany whole towns and villages keenly support their national team.


The German World Cup team, like all their previous World Cup squads, have talent, flair and skill. They play as a team. Unlike other teams which have individuals going of at a tangent looking for glory, the end result is what matters to the German players. This means that more often than not they score goals. Michael Ballack the team's captain may be a little long in the tooth but he is not past his best yet, by any means. At 33 he is still fit but his age has expanded his football skills nicely.


Never be in doubt that Germany play to win. They and their country expect them to win. Defeat is not on the cards. This is probably why, if they do not win overall, Germany are still often in the last few teams and will do well. Germany are not arrogant but confident players. So often the German team make the opposition look like amateurs.


One advantage the German team have, this world cup, is that they have been playing with the new type of soccer ball for a few months now. I do not know why teams such as England have not but this is a distinct advantage for Germany. This new ball is reportedly a bit of a pain and difficult to get used to. Thankfully for the German team they have passed through the trial and error stage. Apart from this edge the German squad have great football skills to rely upon.


You do not need to have an intense amount of football knowledge to realise that the German team have flair and style. Watch any game and see the team positively swgger around the field. Even the coach Joachim Low looked stylish on the side lines as he relaxed before Germany's first World Cup game.


Out of their 10 qualifying games Germany won 8 and drew 2. Germany won the World Cup in 1954, 1974 and in 1990. They went out in the first round in 1938 and in the second phase in 1978 but other than those times have always done well. Germany have been runners up four times, in third place three times, in fourth place twice and through to the quarter finals three times.

Suffice to say the odds that Germany will do well in World Cup 2010 are remarkably good.


Nothing is certain in football and the world cup is no different. Serbia and Germany are playing on 18th June 2010. The game is currently about half way through. Surprise, surprise the current score is Germany 0 and Serbia 1.


Germany lost 1-0. With one man down I guess they had a mountain to climb. The general consensus from those who watched the game seems to have been that the referee left a lot to be desired. Despite this set back it is not all over for Germany yet. Not by a long way. It does make it seem though as if this German World Cup squad seemed more efficient in their first match due to the opposition.

So overall who knows? However Germany must be in with a great chance.



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