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Worst 10 WWE Entrance Themes

Updated on April 14, 2020
Jayakrishna Dasappan profile image

Avid fan of Wrestling writes about WWE, AEW, NJPW. I love to write stories, articles and poems.


WWE superstars have one of the best entrance music in the entirety of the Wrestling Business. Even in the strongest brigade there will be some weak links, I am going to talk about the weak. And of course by weak I am talking about the worst entrance theme songs.

10. Dolph Ziggler


Let me kick things off with one of the biggest disappointments. For a person who claims to change his personality and gimmick a lot there has really not been much change. To be honest Dolph’s theme is not really bad, it is fairly a decent song. I hate it now because he has had it for a long time and honestly has claimed to have changed his character several times but now due to him have the same music, has made me loose interest in one of the best wrestlers in the WWE. Hearing his same old music makes me feel that it is the same Dolph we will be getting and there is nothing more. He will remain a mid-card superstar till the very end.

09. Sami Zayn


Sami’s music is honestly one of my favorite, and I loved his song when he was a baby-face, it was catchy and the fans would always sing along to his music. But now him being a heel and having the same music, leaves the fans in a confused state whether to sing along or not. Although to be fair Sami tries his best with his entrance by having a funny dance mocking the crowd is an attempt to make it better but still if he had a different song it would be much better.

08. Chavo Guerrero


Does anyone remember this guy? Or at least his awful theme song? The song itself is not bad to be honest but the opening line where a girl says “Oooh Chavo” is absolutely abysmal. Yet another good wrestler with an awful theme song.

07. Humberto Carrillo


Humberto has a good music but his entrance and his music seem a bit off to me. So that is the only reason he is on this list.

06. Chyna


Chyna was one of the most dominating female wrestlers of all time. She is a good wrestler but her theme music is weird. Her music is just more confusing than bad, the lyrics are just puzzling. Truly one of Jim Johnston's worst creations. But she certainly could have had a much better theme song.

05. Cedric Alexander


Oh god, this guy is one of the best wrestlers in the business but his theme song is one of the worst. It is unbearable – hard to listen to his song and kinda kills the vibe for me.

04. Nikki Bella


Nikki’s music is alright but when you have a catchphrase as being Fearless, this music does not really help right? The music is just all about how good looking she is and nothing to do with her character or what not.

03. Stephanie McMahon


Stephanie’s music is one of the most unbearable music. Well... that is enough said.

02. Kelly Kelly


Speaking of unbearable music, Kelly Kelly’s got to be one of the top in the list. Her song is just as bad as her in-ring ability and that is an understatement.


I hate Lana as a wrestler and I hate her music even more. Lana’s music is more similar to a stripper’s music. It is just horrible and I do not want to be talking about this any more.

That is all for today! These are the worst 10 Theme songs in my opinion. Do you lot agree with the list? Which theme songs do you thing are the worst? Let me know in the comments


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