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Wrestlemania 31 Reaction.

Updated on April 2, 2015

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Grade- B+

All things considered, maybe it's for the best it was moved to the pre-show.
While there were some great moments, it was ultimately caught up in the action of everything else that happened was forgotten.
The superstars of the match were easily Ryback, Cesaro, Mizdow, and the Big Show, as they did most of the work.

My highlights-
Everyone ganging up to eliminate Curtis Axel.
Bo Dallas eliminating Zack Ryder and doing a victory lap.
The Big Show casually relaxing in the corner as Mizdow eliminated the Miz.
Mizdow finally turning on the Miz.
Big Show finally winning a battle royal match.

My lowpoints-
The Primetime Players and The Ascension were wasted in this match while Los Matadores were in the title match.
They did nothing to tease any tension between the Big Show and Kane.
They did nothing to make Hideo Itami look like he was going to be anything but a jobber.
Big Show winning when it's highly unlikely he'll do anything with the momentum that supposedly comes with it.

Tag Team Championship Fatal Fourway.

Grade- B-

While it was a lot of fun to watch, it was an absolute cluster... you know.
They handled the Uso injury very well by incorporating it into the match, and it was nice to have four teams with three people.
But seriously, I never knew who the legal man was.
The entire match, I was completely confused about who was actually supposed to be in the ring.

My highlights-
The lone Uso wreaking all sorts of havoc by himself.
Natalya putting El Torito in the sharpshooter.
Superkicks for everyone.

My lowpoints-
It was confusing.
The involvement of El Torito.

United States Championship Match.

Grade- C+

It's odd to say that a title match occurred and that someone carried John Cena, but that's exactly what seemed to happen in the United States Championship match.
Rusev seemed to dominate for most of the match, even escaping the post-five moves of doom AA in the beginning.
Though ultimately, the ending was predictable and we'd seen it before so however good the match may have been, it was mostly greeted by a yawn.

My highlights-
The patriotic entrances for both wrestlers.
Rusev on a tank.
Rusev doing his best Kevin Owens cannonball.
Cena adding a couple of attacks to his oft-criticized moveset.

My lowpoints-
The ending. While it was designed to make Rusev look like he only lost because he was distracted, the loss of the title, the streak, and likely his mouthpiece will not help him get back over.

Divas Tag Team Match.

I really lucked out choosing this pic, didn't I?
I really lucked out choosing this pic, didn't I?

Grade- C+

It was pretty much what we all thought it would be.

My highlights-
Paige killed Brie before AJ got the submission.

My lowpoints-
The win was meaningless.

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match.

Grade- A-

It was awesome!
Lots of big moves, star power (haha), and a fun finish.
All you could possibly ask for in a ladder match for a belt that will have some prestige again around the waist of Daniel Bryan.

My highlights-
Dean Ambrose dropping the elbow from the ladder.
R-Truth with the stepladder.
Stardust's bedazzled ladder.
Harper destroying Ambrose.
BNB bullhammering everyone.
Ziggler vs. Bryan.

My lowpoints-
Too many talented people in one match for them all to shine.
Went on too early.

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins.

Grade- B+

This was a very technically sound match, and didn't disappoint.
Though the WWE kinda botched the build-up, these two men went out and had a great match together, highlighted by perhaps the greatest RKO anyone has ever seen.

My highlights-
Ya know, I'm sure there are plenty of them, but all that comes to mind is that curbstomp into an RKO.

My lowpoints-
There wasn't as much passion in it. You don't really feel like Randy got any revenge because this was less brutal than the beating he gave Seth on Raw weeks ago.

The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt.

Grade- B+

The obvious problem here is that Bray Wyatt went into the match hurt.
They couldn't wrestle for as long as I'm sure they wanted to, and it ultimately hurt them big time.
It was typical Taker, but the sunlight did take away from the mystique of his entrance.

My Highlights-
Bray crabwalking over to Taker just as he sits up.
Taker sending Bray on the Last Ride.
Bray's reaction to Taker's entrance.

My Lowpoints-
It was a short match.
Taker looked concussed the whole time.

Sting vs. Triple H

Grade- Uhhh

You build Sting up for months.
You let him come in and kick the Authority out.
You let him get Team Cena reinstated.
You let him beat the shit out of Triple H.
And then you make him lose what is likely his only Mania match ever?

My Highlights-
The interference from the NWO and DX.
Sting breaking Triple H's sledgehammer in two.
Sting's entrance.

My Lowpoints-
Triple H with the dumbest entrance I have ever seen.
Why wasn't anyone disqualified?
The Handshake.
The Results.

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Grade- A+

Talk about awesome.
There were a bunch of pieces in the air leading into this match, and many, including myself questioned how they would handle it.
How do you have Roman or Brock lose with all the momentum they've worked so hard to build?
How do you adjust to Brock re-signing with WWE?
Where does Seth Rollins play into all this?

The result was perfect.
Brock pummeled Roman for the better part of the match, and didn't struggle until he was forced into the ringpost, keeping his monster image alive.
Roman hung in there with Brock, surviving suplex after suplex, and even laughing at points.
And Seth...
Seth may have been the biggest winner of the three, because he became the very first MITB winner to cash in at Mania, in the main event, no less.

My Highlights-
"Suplex city bitch"
Both guys getting color.
Seth cashing in.
The F-5 into a Spear into a Curbstomp finish.

My Lowpoints-
None found.


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